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    Just try 8.0.0b and all work fine !!!
    My dts and dd ac3 works fine ;)
    I install the french langage "addon-kodi repository-look and feel ..."
    Really great job ;)
    On my s905 , with a 1080p video with dts 5.1 sound , only 4% processor ressource and a little 45% memory usage !!!

    Quick return on the new version , all my test run smoothly , Ac3-Dts etc... on H264 and h265 codec.

    Same problem with "edit categories" , doesn't work , so i can't have research by saga for example...
    The only available langage on the skin is english ...

    That's all ;)

    Is your Box is a Nexbox A95x S905 ??
    If it is , That is Normal Behaviour using LE and you have to live with it.

    Yes that' s it ;)
    It's the Nexbox A95x S905 1g/8g

    I can leave on and only make some reboot..

    What is best dtb for A95X (s905) 1GB/8GB 100Mb/s? I have very poor network performance (about 1,5 MB/s) while my rPi at the same point works full speed (raspberrys full speed of course ;-).

    I use this one without problem , i play some 1080p stored on my nas without any freeze ...

    The default skin (Estuary) doesn't allow such modification. You should try other skins if you want to add categories or learn how to use video nodes in Estuary.

    If you can't turn the box on and off with the remote, you probably have the wrong remote.conf file.
    I don't see any problem with leaving the box on all the time. It just needs a reboot now and then to clear the memory.

    Thanks for reply ;)
    . On Estuary on my android nand , i can use video node , on libreelec i can't ....
    .My remote work fine , i can turn the box off , but i can't turn it on ....
    .I'll try the new version , and tell if there is some improvement ;)

    hi , just install on my nexbox a95x , with a s905 core .

    Really happy to see that i can check my Ac3-DTS etc .....on android all this feature doesn't appear ;)

    I've got only two problem , i can't edit menu , for example in skin setting under Movies/Categories , in android app i can edit categories to add new menu.
    I can shut off , but ican't wake , i need to make manually ....

    Oups another one , only english in langage setting ;)