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    thank you very much! that was what I've been looking for. I played with xrandr yesterday around (for trying to force full RGB picture output) and it is functional in libreelec. But I am not sure if display settings will effect the sound settings as I guess that they are two separate hardware modules for the system. I will ssh today and test it first manually.

    Dear Community, I ask for your help with this:

    HDMI sound does not work after PC resumes from standby (LibreELEC 7.95.3, Kodi 17, AMD GPU). If I go to settings/system/audio it gets activated automatically again, sound is OK again. Any idea how to get audio activated on resume?

    thank you again! I found that setting myself but was unsure a bit as there stands "mudules" instead "modules" :) and was not quite sure what to type in:
    "/dev/dvb/adapter1" or "Montage Technology M88RS6000 : DVB-S #1"? can I define 2 modules too? as my tt s2-4200 appears as two cards
    lsmod says this about modules: is it the "dvb_core" or the "m88rs6000t"?

    I had same problems how to get channels scanned the first time... I got it like this for Astra DVB-S:

    1. log into the tvheadend web GUI from an another device
    2. first check out if your tuner cards are loaded correctly (configuration/dvb inputs/tv adapters): you will see a tree structure with a folder for each device, each device with an LNB (without disec)
    3. do not enable the tuners yet!
    4. go to configuration/dvb inputs/networks and create a network. A network is a DVB Source (like DVB-S from a Satellite): in the popup give it a name (eg "Astra"), a satellite position (Astra 19,2E 1KR/1L...") and add muxes (eg ">19.2E:Astra") for that satellite
    5. go back to the tv adapters tab, click on the entry of the correct LNB (green icon) and assign that network to the LNB (do not forget to click "save"!)
    6. now enable the tuner card of this LNB (one level higher, on the right side checkbox "enable", and "save"!)
    7. this will initiate a scan for channels. Sit and wait. Check the Tab configuration/dvb inputs/muxes for the activity ("pend" means waiting for scan, "active" is the transponder under scanning, "OK" are the finished ones). Check the Services Tab for the populating channels. If all muxes are done, next step
    8. go to the services tab, choose a service (TV Channel like "Eurosport1 HD") and map it to a channel (Entry in your Channels database like Channel Nr. 1, Eurosport HD)

    - if you have more than one tuner or LNB, make sure that the correct one is assigned to the correct network (as I have 2 tuners and two satellite dishes, I had to make a guess first)
    - is the network assigned to a lnb?
    - is the tuner card enabled?
    - is your tuner card supported?

    hey guys, a short question:
    I get an error after resume from standby "kein freier adapter verfögbar" like "no tuner card available"
    could you give me a hint with which setting I could reinitialize my card or something like that?

    I got my TT-4200 and can confirm that it works out-of-the-box with LibreELEC v7.95, Kodi 17 and TvHeadEnd 4.2 (oven with CA-newcamd). It is shown as two Cards "Montage M88RS6000" (just renamed them "0" and "1" for sure). Also no artifacts like my TBS caused. I still have to scan my other LNB to get sure. Thank you for your helping posts above.

    For the price of just 50€ for a PCIe DVB-s2 Dual Tuner it is a good deal I guess, just to get back to topic :)

    TT S2-4200 is OEM version of DVBSky S952 V3

    yes I read that before and bought it because of thsis. The DVBSky costs 70€, the TT only 50 :)
    btw I got my S2-3200 work, the scans done... the only problem is that the TV frontend produces only artifacts (green-pink stripes and blocks, audio is OK), reported on other threads. I cannot wait to get my hand on the s2-4200. Untill than I still have my dual boot to my good old smooth MediaPortal setup ;) (even if it is very bulky and sloppy on the OS side...)

    wow guys, that is support! I appreciate it a lot.
    CvH yes I tried your builds yesterday and one of them reckognized the TBS 6928 but could not get any scans.
    trsqr yes, the tt s2-3200 is an old PCI card. It is reckognized in tvheadend 4.2 but only as generic card and cannot get any scans :(
    The tt s2-4200 is quite cheap here in Germany (only 50€ for a dual tuner) and should arrive tomorrow so I can test it on the weekend. I hope the best

    There are not too many supported duel-tuner cards. DVBSky S952 comes to mind. TechnoTrend S2-4200 will be supported from kernel 4.7 onwards, but if you get that card, I can make a patch for LibreELEC to support it before we have 4.7 kernel in LibreELEC.

    I just bought one TechnoTrend S2-4200! I would like to use it with the latest beta (LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.95.2 BETA with Linux 4.9.3 kernel). Could you kindly confirm that it will be supported? Do I have to install some firmware to use it (if yes, how? I am new to LibreElec)?

    My TechnoTrend S2-3200 and my TBS 6928 are not working :(