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    It's not supported and probably will never be supported. There is no open source 3D MVC decoder. I believe there was some work done for libav/ffmpeg couple of years ago but afaik it didn't go anywhere.

    thanx guys for the replies! There must be the possibility for a solution because

    • kaby lake could do MVC (does it on windows with patched ffmpeg)
    • linux (libreelec) could do MVC (does on Rpi hardware)
    • ffmpeg could do it (does on Rpi and Libreelec, does on KabyLake and Windows)

    These 3 should be brought together, maybe the SDK supporting MVC on Kaby lake for linux is missing from Intel.

    same question from me on Intel PC (Kaby Lake) + LibreElec. Any chances to playback 3D mkv MVC or 3Diso MVC (frame packed)? My research says intel setups are not supported yet, only raspberry pi. Funny to own the latest and greatest HW and not being able to keep up with a Rpi3 LOL

    ^^ it is not deactivated on purpose in LE, it is not part of the VideoPlayer design in Kodi. We are not to blame for anything. We simply consume upstream code.

    Thank you for correcting! I edited my post accordingly. It was not any kind of blaming, just wanted to make people aware that they have to test passthrough on Video files, not live TV. I find this deactivation not disturbing at all as live TV AC3s are mainly of low bitrate and not about best possible Quality. If this increases the playback stability, I am in.

    I replaced my old HTPC on AMD basis with an Intel Kaby Lake build. I can confirm that HDMI-Passthrough works fine on LibreELEC 8.0 (but not on Live TV, which is not a bug as this is deactivated on purpose in LibreELEC Kodi Video Player).

    I followed this guide to create custom EDID.

    If I check the boot I get this:

    LibreELEC:~ # grep -i edid /var/log/Xorg.0.log
    [2332972.829] Kernel command line: root=/dev/ram0 rdinit=/init usbcore.autosuspend=-1 BOOT_IMAGE=/KERNEL boot=LABEL=System disk=LABEL=Storage  quiet initrd=/edid.cpio drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=HDMI-A-1:edid/edid.bin video=HDMI-A-1:D
    LibreELEC:~ #

    I still get blank screen on resume from standby before the TV is switched on :( Any ideas?

    Libreelec 8 on 120 GB SSD
    Intel Kaby Lake i3-7100, onboard GFx
    Motherboard MSI B250M MORTAR Intel B25
    8 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4

    honestly I have a Doctor HDMI hardware EDID emulator too and it works great... but why to use it if SW Emulation could be done. It is somehow ridicolous that I have to link up a 80 € EDID emulator and an 40 € CEC-adapter between HTPC and AVR/TV to get basic functions working... with all the cable mess it means.

    this one does the magic on my setup without Kodi restart: xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set "audio" "on"

    (make an text file of it, name it "think-out-a-name.power" and put it to /storage/.config/sleep.d

    case "$1" in
    xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set "audio" "on"

    Very interesting. I could build a PC and 'lose' my PS3 (only use for blue ray), VU+ (satellite watching) and current Kodi box.

    May I ask though - does the Technotrend Tuner allow you to see the full range of satellite stations.

    My Vu+ is linked to a motorised dish and I have Openvix installed. I also have a cline (apologies if I am breaking any rules mentioning that on this forum). Does Kodi support clines and if so would it display a full list of satellite channels

    the TT-Card supports diseq, if that is the question (never tested, only with my old 3200 and windows, without motor, just a switch). Also supports dvb-S2 so it should be able to see all transponders. clines: newcamd protocoll is supported natively in tvheadend.

    Dear Community,
    maybe this is a simpe and obvious guide for the experienced user but setting up the iMOn LCD display took me a day and long research on the usual forums. I thought I write a short guide to spare this for other newbees like me.

    How to set up your iMon LC display on a generic x86/64 build with Kodi 17

    1. install the addon LCDproc from the LibreELEC repository, and choose "imonlcd" in its configuration
    - now your LCD should display "Welcome to LibreELEC" on startup and "Thank you for using LIbreELEC" on shutdown (defined in the LCDd.conf file in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.lcdd if you want to change it)

    2. install the addon XBMC LCDproc from the Kodi repository (no need to configure but you can play with settings later if you wish), and yes, both!

    3. place a LCD.xml file in /storage/.kodi/userdata (wiki). You can use the one from here for the 2-row iMOn LCD (copy the code from the buttom of page). This defines the messages the LCD displays in different situations. This is quite self-explanatory. You can manually edit this xml file to match your taste and needs (some hints: Title, Album, Artist, Time, TimeDuration, TimeRemaining, FinishTime, PlayIcon)

    hope this helps, have fun! Maybe some parts of this "guide" are useful for other platforms too!

    P.S.: the LCD remains nornmally backlit on standby. If this disturbs you (like me), you can help easily with a hardware mod: the power cord of the LCD has 3 cables: red (5V), purple (5V standby) and black (ground); now clamp both power cables (red and purple) to the red one. Worked for me. The IR receiver will not work in standby though (I do not use as it very weak and a chep RF remote like the Rii i25 mini beats it in every aspect)

    Kodi still has a default audio delay in its internal advancedsettings, you can either undo that in your own advancedsettings.xml file, or use Kodi's video OSD option, and select the audio offset in the Audio & Subtitle settings window, and then save that new setting as default for all videos.

    thank you! this hint helped me to solve my audio delay problem! First I guessed that the audio passthrough is the problem as I did not have it with liveTV (it always gets transcoded to PCM). But the problem was the 24fps default internal delay of Kodi of about 200ms. I added this advancedsettings.xml to user config folders and reboot. DTS and AC§ are in sync now :)

    I would prefer to get it sorted out with the existing hardware as it is otherwise quite fine and is there ;) should be possible an a "standard" x86/64 PC.

    edit: solved
    after adding his advancedsettings.xml to user config folder I have quite sync play of 23.98 and 24 fps

    What PCIe card are you using?

    I use a Technotrend TT-Budget S2-4200 (dual DVB-S2 Tuner, PCIe, low profile compatible). It is not on the compatibility list of openELEC but identical to the DVBSky S952 V3 which is on the list and it is very cheap (amazing only 50€ for a modern dual tuner). It works superb out-of-the-box with LibreELEC.
    My old Technotrend TT-S2-3200 PCI worked too out of the box. My TBS 6928 did not work out of the box, I had to install patched LibreElec to get it work. I recommend to stick to the compatibility list if you want to avoid problems and necessity of patching, try-and-errors
    Supported TV Tuners - OpenELEC

    your scripts work good over putty ssh and cures the problem but do not work over a power script. I do not know why. Using a script to restart Kodi helps too:

    case "$1" in
    systemctl restart kodi