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    Copy from /tmp/remote.conf (working box) to /storage/.config/remote.conf .

    Thanks kszaq, I actually just made a new sd card install from scratch, ran it on the working box, then booted it on the faulty box, Installtointernal and presto.

    The whole thing took about 9 mins. Should have just done that from the start. I did start trying to create/edit the remote.conf file... Yeah that is a long process... Worth doing if you have no other option, but I did, so I was glad to avoid that.

    Thanks for the location of the remote.conf file on the working box.

    Yep. Do that.

    There's plenty of info throughout these forums on copying files to/from these boxes using SSH / Samba (you can even copy from box to SD then SD to new box. Just go and read some of the earlier posts of those asking similar questions and you'll find out how.:cool:

    I SSHd in using winscp... Copied the libreelec.conf from one box working ok and tried to overwrite the libreelec.conf on the dodgy box... It is a read only file. Fml

    Just please read the forum posts regarding remote.conf file to get your remtoe wroking to your box. There is a specioal forum sectiopn regarding remotes and it is really quite easy to make your own remote conf file to work with your device. Please go read the remote configurtation section of this forum by going to this thread called Create remote.conf from scratch Just checked and it is easy to find by lookign in the list of this forum's threads but hey you can just click on that name as it is also a link of course.

    I made my own for my Beelink MXIII II S905x box and it is spot on and does all I wanted and even more fucntions too that I mapped into it like a remote button for play/pause for example. Must get around to posting my Beelink remote.conf file in there as should be useful to many with this same box running LE8.

    I've got an identical box working perfectly on 8.1.4... Is there some way I can get the remote.conf from that box and paste it via samba to the box without the remote working. I did read that remote.conf post a looooong time ago, but to be honest seemed very time consuming. Luck for me at the time, I didn't need it. I did remember having trouble locating the remote.conf from samba. And the file from memory also... (which I know has nothing to do with my remote.)


    Have you tried the temp sensor disabled build?

    They are the only builds I install. I have 3 S905x running 8.1.4, and 2 s905 boxes running 8.1.4 this is the only box that has done this.

    I think it needs a fresh install (or new installtointernal) just need to know when u run install to internal, because my current sd card Build doesn't work with the remote, will it overwrite the current internal Nand dtb.img and put on a version that is on the sd card. Or will it see the internal nand dtb.img and use that one) that does work with my remote, but for some reason isn't booting.

    Just running off sd card for time being, (my remote doesn't work, but the hdmi cec works so I can use my tv remote for most functions.

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if you could help.

    I've had libreelec installed to nand for a while now and am very happy with it.

    The recent 8.2(8.1.4) build I updated without updating the device tree. Panicked like hell, read the post and followed the simple instructions on page 1. Problem fixed.

    Stayed on 8.1.4, but when I turned the box on a few days ago stuck at boot. Inserted the sd card, repeated instruction on page 1, worked no probs, rebooted from nand and good to go again.

    Tonight stuck at boot once again, repeated instructions and nothing. Just stuck on boot. I can boot via sd card, but unfortunately my remote isn't responding when running from sd card. (not sure when that happened via sd card as I never used the remote during dtb.img repairs. Just ssh'd in typed commands and rebooted from internal.

    What I wanna know now is, if I start over kinda and run installtointernal from the sd card, will that mean my remote won't work when I boot from internal?

    Sunvell t95x 1g/8g (S905x)

    I have 5x 1/8g S905 and S905x... I have a rather large library centrally shared via mysql. I find that with the artwork and icons sometimes it's a little sluggish... Playback no issues tho... Might spring for a 2/16 model for my home theatre but other than that kinda happy all round with the 1/8... I paid 35 Australian bucks each for my last 3 S905x boxes... Can't complain about that.

    Should note.. All installed to internal nand tho.
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    I think barely anyone tested VP9, since it is so uncommon and unpopular.
    To me it feels like HEVC (H.265 / x265) already "won the race"...

    The only two samples in the Kodi wiki are VP9 Profile 2 (HDR), this is probably not supported at all:
    Samples - Official Kodi Wiki

    If there is support for VP9, there probably is nobody maintaining it because there is no demand.

    Just rebooted it after a hard power plug reset. Files appear to play fine now.... Can't explain it.... Lol. That particular box had been running 3 days straight... Maybe just needed a power down for a minute.
    2160p vp9 playing flawlessly now on my S905x.

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    Hi all,

    Those with S905x boxes, have u had any problems vp9 4k videos? Just downloaded my first one and video was stuttering... Checked network usage and no probs there, then saw CPU usage was peaking near constant 100 percent.

    I just redownloaded a 1440p mp4 instead and perfect. Sorry if its already been mentioned but do we have support for vp9 files in these builds using a S905x box?

    Cheers and great work on the community builds... Loving it.

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    Unfortunately with my S905x box i have no cec adaptor listed in the peripherals settings menu. That why u was asking if there was a file I could edit relating to cec...

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    HDMI CEC adjust settings

    I have a sunvell t95x S905x box running latest 8.0.0c-temp_sensor_disabled.

    Device is directly connected via hdmi to Yamaha avr which is connected to hisense tv via hdmi.

    Cec works well with navigation (I can use any of the 3 remotes to navigate kodi).

    My trouble is with powering off. I want to power everything off with the one button. Now there might be limitations of my tv/avr not just my S905x box but any help would be great. I dont fully understand cec, either it works or it doesn't usually.

    When I turn off my S905x box, my tv turns off but avr stays on.

    When I turn off my avr both my tv and S905x box stay on and standby passthrough enables the signal to bypass the avr and kodi still plays direct to tv. That's good I understand that cool feature.

    When I turn off my tv, my avr turns off and my S905x box turns off also... Success... Or so I thought. Turning off the tv puts the S905x box into standby mode not shutdown. Turning on from Standby mode crashes my S905x.

    So is there a way to either disable all forms of standby, and instead force it to shutdown. Or is there a way to instruct the S905x to shutdown rather than standby when receiving the cec standby command?

    Or if anyone has a better idea please let me know.

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    Says who, no s905x chipset has 1GB ethernet in it AFAIK. Only 100mbs/. It's the specs of the chip.

    I thought there were some S905x boxes with Gb ethernet... (RGMII)

    NEXBOX A5: S905X TV Box, Amlogic Android 6.0 S905X TV Box, NEXBOX S905X TV BOX | NEXBOX TV Box

    Here's one example of a S905x box i found with Gb RGMII. I can't vouch for increased speeds as I don't have one... (for media playing wouldn't see a difference I would have thought) maybe file transfers.

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    Don't know if it's my imagination or not... But I found the artwork on the home page (thumbnails) seem to load faster when running from internal.

    But fully agree, run from a reputable brand FAST sd card for at least a week to make sure you don't encounter any problems before installing to internal.

    I love libreelec on the s905/s905x and for purely Kodi applications, would never go back to android.

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    I just tested some 720p x265 5.1 aac files and found the problem occurs there also. I don't think it's an issue with the video component... Or total bitrate size being played. I think it's just the way kodi is initialising the 5.1 aac to pcm conversion that is introducing the noise randomly. When you hit play and there is no noise it plays quickly and smoothly, even when I hit the menu button, slight frame loss while the menu opens but the sound is smooth. It's like a hit and miss sometimes it just introduces the sound and keeps going with it until you hit stop.

    MMPP please note as mentioned this occurs randomly. And certainly not everytime I hit play. I would hazard a guess and say one out of 7 plays would produce the noise. Just for kicks I counted just then on the same 1080p 5.1 aac x265 file just now... It took 11 attempts for the sound to be heard.

    Minimoe is this about the same for you? Or do you find yours produces the sound more often?

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    Have you tasted the trailers in the OP?
    Those cause problems to me almost half the times I play them.

    Unfortunately most of my library is 1080p x265 5.1 aac. I will have a hunt through for some 720p x265 5.1 aac. Or I'll try the link u sent through later tonight after work.

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    Can definately confirm I have the exact same issue.

    I have multiple boxes running libreelec S905 and S905x. Those connected directly to tv with passthrough disabled no issues.

    Issue only occurs when plugged via hdmi into avr. All passthrough options enabled. I believe the S905x box converts multichannel aac to pcm (5.1 to 5.1 or 7.1 to 7.1) but occasionally this results in the loud white noise. Happens when initially playing/resuming a video after a pause. Only way to get rid of it is to stop video and play again... Sometimes 2 or 3 times and then the noise is gone. Very very annoying because the noise is often louder than the audio track and my Yamaha avr wakes everyone up til I stop it... Lol.

    Tried multiple builds and every setting I can see, sometimes disabling passthrough and reenabling it during play fixes it.

    Please note with passthrough disabled this does not occur.

    When u reduce your speaker/audio setting to 2ch, another option appears to transcode aac to ac3 but everytime I tried that my boxes would freeze.

    I just put up with the noise stopping and starting til it goes away. It's almost like an inserted noise that starts during the digital to analogue pcm conversion randomly for some reason. All other passthrough formats work flawlessly.

    Minimoe I feel your pain....

    This and the odd occasional lock up after reboot (very rare) are the only 2 problems I am encountering with my libreelec and s905/s905x boxes.

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    Hi logicheart

    I dont have this issue. I'm no expert so sorry if my answer is obvious, but it sounds like maybe your sync to display settings are kicking in. Have those settings been turned on?

    Have u tried disabling this?

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