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    I started uploading a new RC1 release with fixed addons so you who want IPTV clients etc you better get the new one!
    P.s Lakka images are still building and due to the many devices we support will take a while to push them to server.
    Will notify when those are done too.

    Hi, just updated to your latest release but this option "pvr clients" is still not available?

    Picture taken from pc version


    which tool you use to burn the image to the MX III box? I tried latest Libreelec 7.03 and 8.0RC1 buils as well as LakkaTV for S82 and when I try to open those images in the Amlogc USB burning tool I get the error message "Parse burning iamge fail". The official IMG from Beelink and Tronsmart loads and burns OK.


    MXIII 1gb?

    Ok guys working release is up, flash away!
    Happy flashing and enjoy.
    Now you can boot from sdcard&usb too but i cant quarantine this feature on various S802 devices as not every device has the same bootloader.

    Hi! just registered to thank you for your excellent work! Installed latest version in my mxIII 1gb and it´s working great! Anyone as any idea why pvr service is not working? Big thanks