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    I know you've said it works with OE6, but are you able to test a different cable to your projector (temporarily run a short HDMI cable to the projector, or is your AVR converting HDMI to component?)

    Or connect your hardware device directly to a spare HDMI TV?

    If this were a driver/Linux issue I'd expect to see far more people reporting this issue, both with LE and OE, but we're not seeing this so it does appear to be specific to your hardware setup (maybe your AVR or projector, possibly a bad edid?)

    I have the same problem
    Mac mini 2012 i7 16gb 256SSD
    MM---AVR---TV 4k
    When I have my AVR ON it dosent boot LE7 ,no problem whit OE6
    If I turn the AVR OFF ,it boots whit LE7 but it boots to difeult display setting 1024x680 75hz
    I have my AVR HDMI settings passthrou
    MM--computer LCD
    Evreting works ok it finds the corect display settingd