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    LibreELEC-S905.arm-7.0-devel-20170424235814-r23789-gc49f56a.tar | openload

    This is the best picture quality my box has ever had (Krypton definitely has some downfalls for these amlogic devices). Thank you kszaq!

    yeah, picture quality is best here!...but my power button don't work anymore...looks like it's missing some permisson on the energy saver part/module...i can't even set "suspend, power off" in energy saver's disabled...anyone else got this?

    only mine is a newer remote with numbers, which don't work now.

    i got the same remote for Beelink MX III II. i did a extra Keymap for the numbers buttons.

    • CodecInfo (PlayerInfo in Kodi 17)
    • Info
    • Fullscreen
    • Pause/Play
    • Stop
    • Not mapped
    • AudioDelayMinus
    • Not mapped
    • AudioDelayPlus

    i also mapped "Mute" to Mute, "Settings" to show Options Window, "Home" to show Main Menu, "Menu" to Item Menu, "Media" to open Last Played(addon), "Web" to show Favorites. i can upload this too if you like

    download: Beelink MX III II Remote Config & Extras

    I have never experienced the stutter with Amlogic boxes - only with Rockchip boxes. I have been using LE from early version 7 and never had any 40-second micro stutter. I have the auto refresh switch set to 'on start/stop' inside Kodi. Using Beelink MX64 S905 2GB RAM 8GB ROM. Also works well with a S905X box I have (T95X 2GB RAM 8GB ROM).

    I did experience a problem at one of the early LE 8 releases but thas has since been fixed.

    like i wrote, i DON'T have any stutter with the latest jarvis build's almost perfect... only thing not working is brightness... any minus value give me a inverted colored screen.

    i'm on (2017-01-06) (updated 2017-02-23 to and don't have any stutter at all (Beelink MiniMX III II 2G/16G S905x) with 23.976 at 24p
    PlayerInformation window shows drop:0 and skip:0 .... pulldown correction is off also (pc:none)
    maybe you should update to

    Device: Zenoplige X99 S912
    Device Tree: Deleted from IMG
    LAN: OK
    WLAN: OK
    BT: OK (tested with a PS3 BT Remote)
    Remote: OK (OOTB)

    random crashes in GUI (fast menu maneuvers...) ...CPU0 at 80-90% in GUI
    little artefacts in GUI...but not visible in player....movies already great!

    looks promising...great work kszaq!
    ps: is it hard to install jarvis 16.1 into this release....still like yarvis over krypton...maybe you (kszaq) can make a image with 16.1 kodi also?! ;)

    with krypton, pulldown correction (pc:1) in codec info (keyboard o) is active even if frame rate switching is on. on jarvis codec info shows (pc:0). if frame rate switching is on. i think this is because kodi drops the "old" am-codec support. since v17 they only use Android Media Codec.

    this is from the kodi forum by a AMLogic Dev.

    "Something maybe I can add, as an internal developer inside Amlogic. XBMC/Kodi runs on Amlogic's chipset in two modes: either through amcodec acceleration, i.e. am-264/265, etc, or through the Android standard MediaCodec API (amc-XXX). If amcodec acceleration is being used, then the video playback is fully controlled in its own pipeline and Android/system does not have any effect over the frame rate conversion. The newer Amlogic's Android release has HDMI refresh rate matching, so 23.97fps source will make HDMI output goes to 23.97hz or 59.97hz accordingly. However, if MediaCodec is used (when the acceleration is off), then the rendering of video frames are all controlled by XBMC/Kodi's logic. When and how the frame rate conversion is made is all controlled by application and normally there is no way for the application to do any HDMI output mode matching without other special hacks on a rooted system."

    i don't know how libreelec will handle this stuff, but with v17 (any version) i never got (pc:0) :-/