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    I was coming to open the same issue on my RPi4. It's not linked to HD audio but to PCM conversion : Since LibreElec 9.2.1, audio converted to PCM has mixed front channel i.e. center channel is randomly played on left, right or center speaker. Playing the same file several times in a row will get a different front speaker to get the center channel...

    Here is a debug file :

    On this log, I'm playing the same video with eac3 audio 4 times. As I don't allow eac3 passthrough, audio is converted to PCM.

    The 2 first plays, center channel were on the right speaker, 3rd play it was on the left (might be left then right, I don't remember for sure but it was not center :)) and the 4rth play was the good one with center channel on center speaker.

    Juste pausing a video can make the channel to switch speaker.

    I reproduced it with eac3 and aac audio.