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    Just to be clear, the box is still running android, not LE. Still the same process as above? Does that image support BCM4335 wifi chip set?

    Thanks for the help!

    PS: I can help with the remote, you may need to edit the remote file with the proper device code. I will need to scrape the info together and post it tomorrow.

    I am a refugee from the other S812 builds.

    I have an m8s rounded corner ott s812 2gb/8gb box with bcm4335.

    Which, if any, build can i use? I have also been unable to install any other build since the new releases. Can you please point me to the best set of install instructions.


    I have an M8S S812 with BCM4335 2GB/8GB with Android 4.4. I used to be able to install your builds with no issue, other than wifi.

    I tired to install some of your recent builds and it simply will not work. I mistakenly bricked my device but was able to to use USB Burning tool and a nand short to restore the original firmware. I just downloaded the latest build and I still can't get it to install. I tried toothpicking, deleting auto script, and the android upgrade option. Nothing works, it boots, reads USB, then flashes "restarting" at bottom right of screen, and reboots. I read through the whole thread for install instructions and I tried to compile a relevant procedure from all the posts, but that didn't help. I have the following questions:

    1) Would it be possible for you to post the latest install instructions in the first post?
    2) Could you also include a troubleshooting section that addresses such as manually activating multi-boot?
    3) Finally, what is the easiest way to get the dtb? Is it a single file I can pull off the restored box?

    I have the TICTID M9C Max box with 2G/16G. I know its a s905x chip, but when trying to install libreelec via toothpick method - it does not work as there is no hole to reset it.

    Does anyone have dummies instructions for me to install this..really want to get this working and apologies for such newbie questions...

    Had a few of those. The hole is in the audio port. Insert an insulated paper clip or toothpick into the audio port. Make sure you go in straight and you will hit the button. Apply pressure and you will feel it click.

    Please try:

    echo 4 > /sys/module/amvdec_h264/parameters/dec_control

    I was having stuttering issues on 1080p. I originally thought it was a buffering issue but I tried this and it seems to have fixed everything. I used the same stream before and after.

    What does this command do?

    My best understanding is that OTG is is "On The Go" USB. When you jump 2 pins it turns the NAND into a USB drive when connected to PC and you can write to it directly.

    Channel switching is really slow on this build. To be clear, I'm using IPTV so I'm not sure if that is expected. To comapre, I was at 1 second with the last build and now I'm at 3 seconds.

    I sent you $20 for all the good work, thanks!

    Don't the 905x have the same issue with HDR?

    Thank you for the well considered answer.

    What I am hearing is that this last build is as good or better than the 905X except for some gui tearing. The one concern is that Amlogic has not yet released the libraries. Is there a known reason for this? Is it a question of time?

    All in all, if it's working well I'll get a 912.