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    I've managed to get around it by restoring the backup on your 8.0.0 build and then updating to the November 25th devel. But even after restoring the backup some settings are lost. Time zone, location, weather. Small crap. I have not noticed any sound issues yet. I tired steaming couple episodes of a show from my server and everything seemed fine. I don't play any games on the box, and don't plan on it.

    Again, thanks for making the builds!

    I've updated one of my boxes to the devel version from 25 november. Configured my setting and addons. Made a backup. Updated a second and 3rd box to the november 25 devel. After restoring the backup on those two boxes i get file system corruption error on boot. Tried also with the November 7th devel. Same result.

    Hey Balbes i have one of these boxes. hxxxs://

    Everything seems to work with your 8.0.1 except Wifi. wifi doesn't show up at all.

    Never mind. I used burning tool to restore to original android, installed openelec 6.95.3a and then updated to your 8.0.1 and now i have wifi

    Hey Demetris

    I've got a mx3-g with 2 gig of ram and gigabit network. After installing V.7.90.beta4 for s82 i cannot pull an ip address while using wired connection. Wifi works fine, but over ethernet the connection times out giving me the 169 ip. On older builds of OE it worked just fine. I went from OE 6.95.3 to your beta 4