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    Hi there, i was looking for a solution on our famous GOOGLE, but i only find answers to clone a sd card. So i try my luck here :) Is there a shell workaround to make a image from the internal rom from a s905 device to clone it on a sd card. Cause a friend of mine want my whole installation of kodi and emulationstation (addon, plugins, gamelists, etc.) for his box (the same as mine). And i doenst want to start from scratch. Remember the "backup" in Kodi doenst help me, cause Emualtionstation is NOT a addon in Kodi.

    Thx for any advice.



    niabi is there a possibility in near future that you make a new branch with the last Kzaqs build of Kodi for 905? Cause the Version of Kodi you have in the 1.65 oder the 1.7 build (17.4 and 17.5 RC1) have little bugs. And therefore the last build of Kzaqs is its last one for Krypton on 905, your build could be the perfect combination of 17.6 and Emulationstation/Retroarch. ;)

    New Question. If I had a newer libretto core like the ones in "lib/libretro", how do I update it, cause the filesystem is read only. And I tried anything to get it writeable. I know is for security reasons , but I must really use this .so libretto core, cause with this I have on another 905X box, with emulationstaion/retroarch, no sound issues on psx games. Thanks for helping in advance.

    I tried this too ... BUT if updated Kodi with Kazqs last .tar it was all gone, only kodi was on the SD Card. All Folders of Emustation were gone. Did i something wrong to update this way. Cause if i can update Kodi Niabis build, i would use this build.... thanks for answer and help.

    Can't help with that one, I believe it needs to be compiled from source along with LibreELEC, Niabi's Sx05RE includes it however.

    I could be wrong but I believe it is possibly VLC that is used for video previews, also I believe you need to add the videos manually.

    Yeah thats what I thought, I mean the videos are there, BUT I must install VLC to LibreElec or EmuStation. But I do not know how, cause Librelec forbids install via apt-get. I can only get the install files via curl and then install via tar (this is how I installed the EmulationStation from

    "EmulationStation_S905.tgz" as a AddOn in Kodi). I would be very thankful if someone has a workaround to fix that. I mean everything works fine, with Pictures and Boxart... But if can get the Videos to work, it would put the crown on the top :D ... Thanks!!!


    I have installed Kazqs latest Build for s905x and from a Tutorial in Freaktab I´ve installed Emulationstation/Retroarch as program add-on. Everything works fine! But the only thing that doesn't work , is the video preview for Games. I updated EmuStation today with your binary from the latest sx095 build, but the Videos doesn't show up. Path, videos everything is correct in gamelist.xml. Is there a player missing, which plays the .mp4 Vidz in EmuStation?! And if so, how can install it on the Libreelec Box, cause apt-get is forbidden :( ... Thanx in advance for Tipps.

    Greetz J.

    Ok then! Doesnt know that! Only the code for Emustation install on S905:

    ssh -l root "LibreELEC IP"
    Password: libreelec
    cd /storage
    curl -LO
    tar xopf EmulationStation_S905.tgz
    rm -f EmulationStation_S905.tgz

    To launch EmulationStation there is an included add-on to launch it (it will show up under "Program add-ons").

    To return back to EmulationStation after opening a game, select "Quit RetroArch".

    To boot back into Kodi select the Kodi option within EmulationStation.

    The default ROM folder is at: /storage/roms

    You must put some roms first, otherwise Emustaion will not start. As Controller i recomm. XBox 360 Wireless with usb Adapter or the wired version of it.

    I have been struggling for a couple of days, and still can not get it to work......... If you can give me DETAILED instructions on how to do that. I can use putty or the windows explorer. I downloaded the zip file and extracted the files, and placed the RETROARCH folder in the "configfiles" folder using Windows Explorer, but it still does not show up under addons...........


    Sorry for the delayed answer. If you can get it work manually, here is another workaround which also installs the "emulationstation" which i like it more, cause it has a nicer graphic frontend and some really great themes. And it works like kodi, you can have covers and infos of the Games, and the Emustation can also scan and grab .... you must use the second instruction (********* forget this) for the EmuStation and Retroarch. This works for me like charm also.




    Load somerhing like FileExplorer which can ssh connections. Then go to the .kodi Folder in storage and there you find the folders. If a Folder isnt there you can copy the whole folder from the .tar file. For example: the folder „RETROARCH“ should not exist in .kodi so you can copy the whole folder.

    In the .tar File is the whole folder structure like it is on your .kodi, like the addons folder and in this folder is f.e. The RETROARCH AND EMUSTATION folders.


    take a look here TUTORIAL (S805/ S905/ S912) : MXQProject Retro Gaming Experience Install Guide – The MXQ Project

    DL the Zip File, extract it and copy only the directorys which are RETROARCH, ROMS, EMULATIONSTATION to your working kodi. Then reboot your box and in Programs there will be RETROARCH and Folders with like "Psx" , "Arcade" and so on. As Example you can open the "ATARI" Folder with Pitfall and start it. If that works your good. Then you can copy psx images or Arcade zips or or or into the rom Folder with the prop. name. As controller i use the xbox360 with official wireless Adapter and it worked on "Tony Hawk" on Psx like charm. When your in the game and want out you must press the silver XBOX Home Button wich brings you to the RETROARCH Home Menu and there you can QUIT and Kodi will restart.

    Hope this helps.



    activate advanced menu and select the audio formats

    I got it running on my H96 Pro Plus. Works pretty well. Just DTS and DTS HD Master give PCM sound output to my receiver with audio settings on passtrough. Dolby gives Dolby output. Is there a way to get proper DTS? I might be overseeing something. Andoid Kodi gives DTS and Dolby output

    ... and after that, shutdown the box, pull ac plug out, then in and after booting dts, dts-hd, Dolby true-hd, should be working. A reboot doesn't work for me, only a complete shutdown and rebooting... but after that I had all formats in sound.

    Guys I'm using the latest LE 8.2 on Tanix TX3 Mini (S905W) and I can't save settings on this part. I've clicked "Set as default for all media" but it still won't remember my settings, so every time I watch a movie I have to redo the setting again. How do I fix this ?

    at my kodi it was, however, unsuff. Write rights ... make a ssh to your box, go to .kodi and make a chmod777 to userdata folder... this solves 2-3 problems i had ...



    try using coreftp lite

    Thanks bubblegum, but this hasnt solved the problem. Cause of insuff. wright rights, Kodi itself couldnt write the sources.xml a. o. properly. The workaround was, that i logged over ssh and made a chmod 777 of userdata, after that i could write in folder userdata and kodi could create a proper sources.xml with my pathes. Funny was, that it was ONLY the userdata folder, i could write with filemanager kodi in root, storage, a. o. only the userdata had unsuff. write rights. But anyway thx for helping and have a nice weekend.


    Have a little Problem after update to newest build with mxqpro 4k. I have no write acces in kodi. In Filemanager i cant copy from server to userdata. And all sources i make are gone after reboot. Looks i ve no write access.

    Someone a hint?!

    Of course I did so, I have a simple Logitec Z5500 and enabled DD+ and DTS.

    As I said exactly the same configuration as with my RPi who did it well.

    I begin to think this is a H96 Pro+ issue??

    hi Johnberg,

    Try my settings AND shut down after the Box, pull plug and plug in for boot. Sometimes only Setting change doesnt work and softboot also sometimes work.

    So for me i got on my H96 Pro+ all DTS MA ... DD True HD ... and so on to work ...

    Hope this helps, greetings ;)

    Quick Question. I control normaly Kodi over TV-Remote but I would like to pair my PS3 BT Controller in Kodi (Build Cause i installed Emulationstation as a Program and i want to use him for playing. On USB it works, but it doesnt show up in BT Settings in Libreelec for pairing. Am i missing something?!

    Thanks in advance for Tipps/Helping

    Hi Marck,

    i´ve both a H96pro+ and the Beelink GT1 Ultimate. These two a nearly together. My feeling, also subjective :), is, that the Beelink has a little more performance. But on both boxes the kszaq builds run like charm. So if you decide between those two, you can't make a mistake :)