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    What operating system do you use?, I found on my windows 10 it wouldn't let me access my mxq thru any browsers. So what i did was went to windows then network and my mxq box showed up in there. I then copied the file to update folder and restarted my box, job done :).

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    Thank you for your reply =), but I didn't explain well, everything works fine, I have libreelec on my ott tv box and I know how to access with samba. What I would like to have, but I don't know if is it possible, is to visit web pages on the internet by using libreelec on my ott tv box. I already tried the addon "web viewer" but it's very "userunfriendly" and doesn't view web pages like an ordinary browser so i asked my self if something better existed

    Thank you kszaq your builds are wonderful, I'm using and i wanted to try the beta but links are not working I hope they'll work soon again. Do anybody know a way to install in libreelec a browser like chromium or whatever?