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    Same here, but the real error is some lines above: can't mount /dev/mmcblk0p1

    btw i extracted the dtb from boot image of my A95X (s905x) 2G/16G, does it needs to be modified for LE?!?!

    Hi, Geremia

    did you try install LE to NAND yet? Can your extracted file be used as ledtb.img for NAND installing for Nexbox A95X (S905X)?

    Anyone got this working with this Nexbox A95X yet?

    I tried install to sd card on Nexbox A95X (S905X chip) but got "SH: can't access tty job" error.

    I can't use tootpick method to boot to recovery because the box doesn't has recovery button inside AV hole. So I used random zip file put on sd card and choose update from update app. It seems to boot from sd card but only to show the error above.

    How can I fix this? Infact I really want to install to NAND but afraid of bricking it. And I don't know how can I get S905X's dtb.img file from factory Android update.


    Sawasdee krap to you, and of course it's possible! When you run Chrome in this build, you're basically running it in a minimal Arch installation inside a Docker container. The image used for that is pulled from my Docker hub repo, I've updated it now to include Thai fonts as well. You'll need to run this command in an SSH session:

    # docker pull escalade1/arch-chrome

    The next time you launch Chrome, you should be all set


    Sawasdee and Khob Khun krub (Thank you)  
    You're very helpful. Chrome can display Thai font now. I can watch my local streaming service with Thai subtitle.

    But I notice somethings very weird about Youtube. I hope to use this with Youtube leanback too for watching Thai MV and local content mostly. But if I choose to go to directly, video can't be played at all. It will play only if I first play a video in (normal desktop version) first and pause it. Then go open tab, now video playing fine. I have to do this everytime I open Chrome.

    Anyway, your work is very great. Very appreciated.
    Khob Khun krub agin.

    Ps. It seems LibreELEC's backup function doesn't work with your build.

    I've been using RPi3 with MyGica T230 as well. But video stream from TVheadend will crash from time to time, maybe due to the heat from the usb tuner.

    I have to reboot to restore TVheadend service. Does anyone has this problem like this with T230? Can it be fixed?

    Have you tried flashing or booting LE on it from an SD Card?

    Its fairly easy to unbrick the box if you decide to flash on NAND, just need the stock img file.
    Anyone with a MiniMXIII have working Bluetooth?

    In fact I've tried booting LE from SD card by choosing recovery boot from android boot app with no success.

    Since I can't find reset button in AV hole, I choose not to flash LE on NAND. I don't know how to get to recovery mode if the box brick.

    About the stock img file, can I use one from other brand that has the same spec? (I found one here)

    I really can't see throgh the AV hole to see if there is any botton.

    But when using a toothpick I can't feel a click.
    I tried to push it anyway to force boot to recovery mode but no success. However I installed an app that can boot to recovery successfully.

    Hi all,

    I just got Nexbox A95X that comes with S905X. I notice from the first post that this chip is not confirmed to work with these images. Hopefully, I wish it can be ported someday.

    But my problem is that this box doesn't seem to have reset button inside av hole. I tried to push with toothpick but it seems there is nothing in there. Is this just me or is it really has no reset button? Very weird though.

    Anyway the box looks nice and very small but kodi on android can't change refresh rate which is very disappointing for me.

    I'm afraid my builds won't work with Odroid C1(+). While on Kodi side things should work - it's also S805 - I think Odroid may need a different kernel image and different u-boot. I don't have Odroid C1 and I won't be able to build for it. You can ask Wrxtasy to share his sources and it should be quite easy for you to port them for LE build.

    Thanks for info.