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    My sickrage has stopped working and i can not start it anymore.

    After a new and clean installation of a libreelec v8, everything was working f,ne until i realized sickrage did not make unrar operation for a downloaded file. Then i tried to install unrar tool for kodi and i did.

    After that i was able to log in webui. But sometime later i realized that sickrage does not respond and start anymore. I'm not sure that what may cause this issue.

    I tried to uninstall and install sickrage again, but no success..

    systemclt status service.sickrage

    When i checked journal during the start, i see below lines. But i still can not find the reason why sickrage does not start.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Create script /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.transmission/ and wait for mount, eg with sleep 5 or systemctl start var-media-DATA.mount.
    To check that it works or why it fails, use command journalctl -u service.transmission.

    Hello, i will try and write my answer. Thanks for the support.

    Hello everyone,

    I am having "Error: Missing or invalid torrent data!" trouble with Deluge and i could not fix it until now. That's why i wanted to post here and ask for your ideas in order to find a solution.

    The problem occurs when i restart my Rpi3. After restarting rpi, the torrents which are in my NTFS Usb disk, start with error state.

    I have tried this solution. The label of my ntfs disk is DATA. My systemctl -t mount output is like below. So, i put var-media-DATA.mount instead of XXX.mount line in the link. But no success. I also tried with var.mount, but again no success.

    I also tried to put sleep 5 in file. I increased 5 sec to 120 sec step by step but again no success.

    I also tried to put some sleep seconds into service.deluge-web.service, service.deluge.service, service.deluged.service, deluge.start files. But no success again.

    When i download torrents into rpi3 internal storage for example /storage/downloads, there is no problem. Deluge works like a charm. But when i download torrents into my NTFS usb disk, i got these error states.

    my libreelec version is 7.95.1. I made a clean install of libreelec before installing deluge. I did not come from previous versions or openelec.

    I'm not a perfect linux user. I tried to explain myself as clearly as i can. I could not provide a log file for deluge because i do not know how to get it.

    I hope someone can help me on this problem.

    I would like to thank to Thoradia for this great repo and apps.

    Best regards.