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    Nevermind, I made a clean install and everything works.

    Had to add an additional Autostart Commander die the Xbox one controller.

    Am I the only ones with WiFi and Bluetooth issues?

    1) when I want to connect to a WiFi from the libreelec add-on I always get a invalid argument error or a Kodi gui restart.

    2) Bluetooth connection to my Xbox one controller doesn't work, but will be listed twice in the list after trying to pair.

    3) with Bluetooth enabled the libreelec add-on hangs up and I can't leave it sometimes.

    Unfortunately It's a bit tricky to get a log without the connection to my network. will try to get one and upload it tomorrow

    Hardware is an INTEL NUC BOXNUC5CPYH Celeron N3050

    I removed it by default because it's not possible to configure it for all platforms automatically. There was always some user interaction required.

    I knew it and was pretty sure that it worked for me some time ago at least back in OpenELEC times.
    Just thought this is/was a bug in the last alpha/beta builds.

    Well i can tell on my Intel NUC it worked smoothly without any user (ssh) interaction. Any chance that i can get that back? Now i have to add every bluetooth device manually. That is really annoying cause back then I could easily hook up a friend's phone to my box so they could steam some audio.

    Not really possible. LibreELEC is 64 bit only and doesn't support multilib.

    There is a chance using docker to get it to work, but I've have limited success from what I've tried.

    I also like the idea of steam within libreelec. Specially with the upcoming game section / retro player.
    Is support for multiblib impossible? Or is there hope to have multilib and steam one day?