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    After some more hours of testing (backup restore was fine in fact, nothing seems to be different with or without), I only have ethernet not working with beelink dtd rebuilt by myself (from firmware, not from running Android, so I think beelink has changed something with ethernet, without specifiying dtd, all is correctly dedected).

    Always some freezes/restarts of Kodi, cpu is not overloading while playing something, dvb is ok (rtl2832u), so all is quite good from now except those freezes/restarts.

    I also tested retroarch : I also have some unexpected restarts.

    Tvheadend working fine with m3u playlist source and dvb source.


    I also tried this great new build on a beelink gt1 2/16, all is working fine except some Kodi freeze/restarts (but probably my fault, I didn't provide a dtb - but I have deleted the one on the sd card before first run - and put a libreelec backup from my mini m8s 2, to test dvb and retroarch without configuring something, which can be a little brutal for Kodi ... )

    Wifi sharing in AP mode is not working, and lead's to bluetooth issues, but that's "normal" as my ap6255 is not supported by hostapd (but it tried, it case of)

    Think I will keep this gt1 in dual boot armbian/libreelec for a while, it seems to work quite well and to be not too badly built (kernel compilation on board under armbian is done in a quite decent time without overheating)

    What do you mean X is already working?
    Can you choose different display resolutions like 2560x1440 or other computer display resolutions (1920x1200, etc.)?
    I tried some Ubuntu and Debian but only got 1920x1080 and 1280x720.

    I didn't try other resolution as I only have a screen in 1920x1080 available for my tests.

    I tried only with the Balbes150 image wich use meson.


    X is already working with S912, BUT without gpu acceleration. It's smooth by the way, and perfectly working, except when dealing with hd videos or any other graphical rendering.
    (It remembers me old times when I was running debian woody on hp 712 workstations)

    Thank's for the udev rules, bluetooth is now working fine !

    If the revision is sufficient to load the right firmware, that's an idea that can be followed.

    AP6212 is supported here, I need to figure out a workaround to make AP6212a's BT firmware load.

    Ok ! I've seen it's same id for 6212 and 6212a so how choosing between is not easy ... Trying loading first one and if it fails, the other ? (no device is found with 6212 when it's 6212a so perhaps the only way to be sure ? )

    SEIKT You have AP6212a chip. Unfortunately there is no BT firmware for that chip in Amlogic sources yet. The other issue is that I don't know how to differentiate AP6212 from AP6212a in systemd.

    Hello, and first I would like to thank you for your great work with LibreElec on S8xx and S9xx

    Having same bluetooth issue because I also have an AP6212, I have found some sources regarding bcmdhdn and support of ap6212 on lichee.

    Could this be helpfull ?

    (I'm really not into drivers, so I'm probably totally out of the subject)