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    Hi Sorry I just need to clarify something

    So I took a brand new USB ( 8GB) and formatted it in EXT3 using Easyus partition master and labelled it as LIBREELEC_DISK . I am currently using windows 10 and as soon as its formatted, windows give me a pop up saying the drive needs to be formatted so I can not copy 8.0.0.Zip file as I am trying to install from recovery method on Mx2 box. I have installed android firmware on the box and if some one can help me with what to do next or advise that would be very much appreciated.

    I have been previosly working on Openelec and librelec versions so just need to know how can i put/paste file on EXT3 formatted USB drive as windows 10 is prmpting me to format the drive first

    How does this work?
    The 8.0.0 build looks for the LIBREELEC_DISK label at every boot and will use the first device it finds with the correct label for storage.

    You have 2 options how to install 8.0.0:

    1. from a working 7.95.3:
    - first run tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data on SSH
    - then update to 8.0.0 using tar (copy 8.0.0.tar to update folder and reboot)
    - you'll get 8.0.0 running with storage on the internal NAND (and with settings from 7.95.3 kept)

    2. from the recovery:
    - first install as usual (you will get the error when booting)
    - then format SD card or USB drive with EXT3 and LIBREELEC_DISK label and insert it in the box (do not let Windows format it and do not try to copy anything to it)
    - reboot the box and you'll get 8.0.0 running with storage on the external device (clean installation, no settings kept)
    - now you can keep running with storage on the external device (good if you have a device with broken internal NAND) or you can switch to internal NAND by running tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data on SSH and removing the external device

    The error message is caused by the missing storage partition. You need to provide an ext3 formated SD card or USB drive with LIBREELEC_DISK label for version 8.0.0 to work. Alternatively you can upgrade from 7.95.3 using provided tar file, but you have to run the following command first:

    tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data

    Please read the installation instructions for version 8.

    I have also noticed on 7.95.3 that the wifi does show up and it shows the strength like in my case it was showing wifi strength as "34" and as soon as I connect my wifi after few minutes the wifi strength is "100" and when tested nothing works on wifi. I have even tested speed tester addon and it would not even show any results but when connected back to ethernet everything starts working.

    So basically wifi have some issues. Hopefully can be fixed in next version

    Please read the installation instructions. If you flash version 8.0.0 from recovery you will need an ext3 formated SD card or USB drive with LIBREELEC_DISK label for the first boot.

    I've seen many MX boxes fail this way. In my experience its only a matter of time and this problem will show up.

    This problem might not be due to the software. The MX box is quite old (2013 is ancient history when it comes to mediaplayers) and a lot of them have been used extensively. There is a thing called NAND flash wear-out it means that due to a lot of read/write cycles the memory deteriorates. On top of this, I think that the NAND drivers do not contain the latest workarounds for this problem. Also these boxes were not made from the best quality NAND chips. I'm guessing that a lot carry NAND Flash memory which were cheaper because they were rejected by the NAND chip factory quality control requirements.

    The reason a reinstall triggers this problem is because this proces wipes the memory and rewrites a relative large percentage of the storage. The probability of encountering a bad part in this case is very high.

    That's why this build allows the usage of external device for storage instead of internal NAND. Install this build (version 8.0.0) and insert SD card or USB drive formated as ext3 with LIBREELEC_DISK label and you should be able to boot and use these devices with broken NAND again.

    Same issue here.

    This is what happens when no partition with LIBREELEC_DISK label was found. Either you did not correctly run the above command or you did the update from recovery (using zip) which also erased the label. Now you need to create the SD card or USB drive with ext3 and LIBREELEC_DISK label for the first boot. Then you can run the above command again if you want to use the internal NAND or you can continue to use the created external storage.

    I've updated the build to 8.0.0 and added the ability to use SD card or USB drive as a storage partition for devices with broken NAND memory.

    Warning! The build now requires a storage partition with LIBREELEC_DISK label. Please read the installation instructions before updating!

    Updating exisiting installations:
    Run the following command on SSH before updating to 8.0.0 to set the label of your internal NAND storage partition. Then you can update from tar as usual.

    tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data

    build sd card image, PROJECT=Amlogic_MX2 ARCH=arm make image to build
    write to sd,
    boot error -

    ***Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: Could not mount /flash/SYSTEM ***

    I'm not sure if I understand what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to create bootable LibreELEC SD card? This is not supported for now however if you want to try I would start by looking at the "projects/Amlogic_MX2/patches/linux/add_bootargs_to_device_tree.patch". Setting "boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1" and "disk=/dev/mmcblk0p2" might help.

    I have no issues regarding appearance settings not being saved on reboot, however it may depend on how you reboot the device.

    Estuary really seems a bit slower in 1080p but when using Confluence it is about the same speed as it ever was. It might be possible to get some more performance by allocating more RAM for Mali graphics. I'll try to investigate this.

    I've added Amlogic_MX2 project sources to the OP. Haven't tested it yet but it should be possible to build 8.0.0 or even current master (Kodi 18) for MX2/G18 with it.

    It would really be appreciated if you do share the build you are using, I am having the same problem. Thanks!

    I'm sorry, I realized I can't share my old OE 6.0.3 build as I don't have the image file anymore. However the new LE 8.0 seems to work fine so I'm going to make a new version with storage moved to an external device and with RetroPlayer included once Kodi 17.1 and RetroPlayer 17.1 are out. Watch this thread: thread-4858.html

    I have same issue. How did you overcame ?


    Look here: thread-915-post-8855.html#pid8855
    If it works for you please report to the LE 8.0 build thread: thread-4858.html

    This image is not work on MX2. After new install, we cannot forward on Welcome page :(

    What device do you have? What exactly happens on welcome page? If you wait for a couple of minutes does the time in the top-right corner change or is it stuck on 12:00?

    It is tested on DroidTV MX and G-Box Midnight MX2. Both have the same IR remote (see the pictures). If your device has different remote try connecting USB keyboard.

    Installed this on my mx2 and it gets stuck on the welcome screen at first. If i power the box off and back on i get the matricom logo and a flash of code then a screen that says files corrupted. I've tried doing a clean reinstall and I've tried to downgrade and it won't boot from an SD if it's an older version. Help please

    Can you post a screenshot? Or a copy of what exactly is written on the screen? What files are corrupted? Have you tried to reinstall from recovery?

    I cant seem to get this to work it loads np but as soon as I add my backup it reboots and hangs.Tried it on a gbox mx2 and a knockoff mx2 same thing.Now I noticed on my qbox I get the same results but if I use kodi 17 alpha it loads and works perfect maybe its the version of kodi that's causing the issue not sure
    this is the version that works for me


    I'm not sure what are you talking about but the apk file you mention is for Android. This is a LibreELEC build. It has nothing to do with Android. Are you trying to restore your Android backup in LibreELEC? This will not work. You can try to export your media library from Kodi in Android and import it in LibreELEC if needed.

    I can't seem to find any info about your device. Is it really Amlogic 8726-MX device? If so are you sure there is no reset button? It seems to be hidden in AV jack on many devices. Anyway only G18 reference board based devices are supported by this build.

    It ran once for me then after rebooting it hung up on the boot screen on my gbox mx2, tried reinstalling an older working version I had on previously and it does the same thing now. Really don't know what to attempt next.

    Any error messages on the screen? Have you tried to do a factory reset or complete reinstall from recovery?

    I have tried several times to install version and always stuck on Welcome page :(
    Do you know how can I pass this phase ?

    What device do you have? You can try to plug in an USB keyboard if your remote does not work out of box?

    No way to run this from SD Card? I might need to try find a backup of my android firmware otherwise, I have an ehome/Allcam MP02 stick with a 8726 M3 and 1GB ram (Android 4.0), I'll do some hunting for the firmware.

    The board is branded Infinitec so I think I have a rebranded Infinitec PocketTV 1000, the board is also marked TB168_v2.0 rather than HD18 that I was expecting, the mystery continues. Mine is also supposedly 1.2ghz not 1ghz like the PocketTV 1000.

    Looks like mine is a F16ref which is a 8726 - M3 single core, I'm presuming there's no chance this would work or can be easily adapted?

    This build is tested to work only on G18REF based devices with Amlogic 8726-MX SoC. That is because it is based on original WeTek Play build. I'm not planning to make it work on F16REF with Amlogic 8726-M3 SoC, sorry.

    I just did a clean install of this on one of my MX2s laying around collecting dust, I can not change the skin, I can download them out of any repo however I can not switch from the default skin. Is it me?

    I've only tried to change to Confluence and it worked as expected. Are you using Krypton compatible skins?

    Can we update to this built from OE?

    Yes, it should work but I haven't tested this yet.

    I would do a clean install. I did that on one of my boxes and everything seems to be working fine so far. I have the matricom mx2 box

    Great to hear that it actually works for someone. Thanks for the report.

    I get that a lot as well :(

    I'm getting this on one of my boxes too. In my case it seems that the problem is simply the NAND flash wear-out (What is NAND flash wear-out? - Definition from I've solved it by building an image which uses SD card for storage instead of the internal NAND.

    I am now trying to make a new build for MX2/G18 based on LE 8.0 (thread-4858.html). I can build a version with storage on SD card of this too. Or I can share the build I currently use for my own box (based on original codesnake's OE 6.0.3 with storage on SD card and RetroPlayer 15.2 included).

    I agree this the only box that I know that can power on and off with a build but not because of that makes it a great box. Nemesis made to build OE and LE
    He mention he just did for his fam but I don't think he wa trying to perfect it. I still thank for what he did because it showed the potential of what it can do there's little bugs here and there and I know it can be fixed. Keep mx2 ALIVE!!!

    So lets try it. I've just built new LE image for MX2/G18 (thread-4858.html).