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    Hi KOPRajs. Any news on a new release yet? Appreciate all you do for keeping these great little boxes alive and current!




    there is a bug causing sound cracking on Amlogic Meson6 in the current LE 9.0 master branch which makes it unusable for now. However this bug also affects officially supported WeTek Play so I'm simply waiting until it gets fixed in upstream. Once there is a working LE 9.0 build for WeTek Play I'll try to make it work on MX2 again.

    I wonder does the Vero 4K really run on 1.6 GHz as claimed in specs? I thought Amlogic S905X is supposed to be limited to 1.5 GHz except for Odroid C2 with modified bootloader and kernel (Amlogic S905, S905X, and S912 Processors Appear to be Limited to 1.5 GHz, not 2 GHz as Advertised).

    What would kszaq say?

    Can confirm this does in fact work. I have osmc running on my x96.stock remote needs mapping but otherwise fully functional

    Can you confirm the CPU freq of X96 when running OSMC? Also I'd like to see the heatsink of X96 can you make some photos please?

    Thank you.

    Let me try to make it a little bit more clear.

    First, there are several partitions on the internal NAND:

    KERNEL - kernel image

    SYSTEM - system image

    DATA - storage partition

    CACHE - cache (not used by OpenELEC / LibreELEC)

    It is usually only the DATA partition which suffers from the NAND wear-out as the KERNEL and SYSTEM are used as read-only.

    Second, there is nothing like "boot from SD card" supported by this build. You always need to have the kernel and system images on the internal NAND. However this build looks for whatever partition named LIBREELEC_DISK on every boot and uses it for storage instead of always using DATA partition.

    So you don't need to install LE to SD card. You only need to have LE (kernel and system) installed on the internal NAND and to have an empty SD card named LIBREELEC_DISK inserted in the box during boot.

    Hope this helps.

    Just wondering if there will be an update to Libreelec 8.1.0 so we can get Krypton 17.4.



    There is not much to get from update to 17.4 as most of the fixes does not apply to Amlogic platform. So I'm currently not planning 8.1.x / 8.2.x build, sorry. Instead I've already tried to build development version of 9.0 (with Kodi 18.0) and it runs somehow, however in its current state it is not usable yet.

    Got it working with the image thanks guys. Next is how to get it to work without the external sd card. Something About ssh commands. Teach me, ready to learn. Never messed with ssh don't really know anything about it. Main thing at this point is that its working.

    Sorry, this thread is about LE build for MX2. I can't teach everyone everything. You can find out how to connect to your LE device via SSH elsewhere, just use Google please. Also there are installation instructions in the first post, please read it.

    Basically you need to connect to your device via SSH and run a single command:

    tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data

    how do I delete it? This is new territory for me. Hope u can help.

    Are you really asking me how to delete a file on your computer? Or do you miss the point that there is no problem in your LE box but the problem is in SSH client on your computer? If you try to connect to your box via SSH from another computer it will work. It is a security feature of your SSH client that refuses to connect to your LE device because it has changed its SSH fingerprint (it changes with every new LE installation).

    So just delete the /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts file on your Mac (I'm just guessing you are using Mac).

    You can delete it e.g. by running following command in terminal:

    rm /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts

    The problem is that SSH client application on your Mac has saved previous remote system identification for this IP address. Simple solution for you is to delete the known_hosts file in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts (or open it in text editor and remove line 6).

    Offending ECDSA key in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts:6

    I'm a little unclear about the future upgrade path from 8.0.2.

    Going forward, can I update LibreElec using the /storage/.update folder method?

    Yes, you can. Not just from 8.0.2 but also from 8.0.1 and even from 8.0.0. Once you've got 8.0.0 or newer up and running with the label on storage you can update to future versions using .tar as usual.

    Question: I have 3 MX2's. I'd like to clone the setup of the first box after I upgrade to LibreElec 8.0.2 and using an external SDCard for /storage.

    Can I just clone my external SDCard 2 times and after the upgrade from Recovery to 8.0.2, insert the cloned SDCards to have 2 additional cloned MX2 setups?

    Yes, you can. The only possible drawback might be a network connection setup (as it is saved for a particular MAC address). So you might need to setup network connection again on the cloned boxes.

    EDIT: Please note that all your boxes are going to have the same SSH fingerprint.

    I can confirm this as well on my Amlogic Meson6 based MX2 box.

    With my old OE 6.0 build with RetroPlayer 15.2 everything works fine. However with my new LE 8.0.1 build I get the same as others. Controllers work via USB but not via bluetooth. I can successfully pair and connect the controller via bluetooth, I can see it in Peripherals (with deadzone settings etc.), I can see it in kodi.log, I can use it in keyboard mode and mouse mode but in joystick mode I don't get any key press events at all (Terios S3).

    It is Amlogic Meson6 so it runs on 3.10 kernel but I can confirm the same on kazaq's build running on S905X with 3.14 kernel.

    It does not seem to be a kernel problem to me.

    EDIT: The device node /dev/input/js0 is created when connected over bluetooth however there are no output when running cat /dev/input/js0. So it seems to be a low-level system problem.