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    cause of an new power plug i need to start kodi delayed for maybe 150 seconds. For that i had edited the file as follows:

    1. (
    2. sleep 150;
    3. echo none > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger;
    4. ) &

    But this dont work for me, it seems like it ignores the sleep command. The blue flashing light on my odroid stops flashing and kodi starts. Now my WLAN repeater isnt booted but the lan connection from repeater to kodi is established. Maybe someone has an idea, on raspbian there is an delay option for config.txt but i dont know if there is something like that in libreelec.


    when i try to enable my share for mounting at startup i get the following error message:

    1. odroidtwo:~/.config/system.d # systemctl enable storage-kodi.mnt
    2. Failed to enable unit: Unit file storage-kodi.mnt.service does not exist.

    The file i created is called storage-kodi.mnt with following inside:

    Im using the latest Leia Test build on Odroid, the same script works on my other odroid.

    I can't see the update on Odroid C2 through the GUI. I select LibreELEC-9.0 as the update channel and then select available versions but there is nothing there.

    Also when I try to update 'the old fashioned way' it fails.

    Same Problem here, updated from latest build by putting the Image to Update folder cause the Libreelec program doesnt find an Update (ODroid C2)


    im looking for an working USB WiFi Dongle for my ODroid C2 running Libreelec (Aarch64). I have an edimax WLAN Dongle that worked Out of the Box with an Raspberry Pi but not with Libreelec. Maybe somebody is running Libreelec with an WLAN Dongle.

    How about

    1. RT5572

    Hi there,

    i had switched from Raspberry Pi to Odroid C2 and after that the ODroid is switching on my TV after crashing or reboot. On Raspberry Pi you had to add hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 in config.txt and switch off an option in Kodi CEC Sesstings.

    But this wont work on Odroid, i had read about editiong changing this line in boot.ini


    if test "${hdmi_cec}" = "1"; then setenv cec "hdmitx=cec7"; fi

    But this also dont work for me, does somebody know the trick how to avoid odroid from switching on my tv?

    Are there any news about that? Had bought an ODroid, switched from an RPi 2 ( OSMC ).
    In the latest beta i had used Amazon Prime worked like a charm, slow but it worked. After i wanted to try Amazon Prime by inputstream on libreelec now with my ODroi it dont. The problem is the known DRM. On kodinerds i had rad about the file that isnt working with an droid c2.

    So maybe it is allready working but if so i dont know how, maybe someone can told me how to solve that problem?