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    Just seen this is part of 9.0.116 addon version. Is it enough to update tvheadend and make the checkbox to skip compercials and it should automatically work? I'm in Germany... so EITp/f may not available on German television like Pro7 and so on. It's also not really clear to me if I need to install any addon to tvheadend to make this work.

    Please shed some light.

    Ok, after days of testing the issue persisted with timeshift to disk and ram disabled. After I completly disabled timeshift it seems to be stable now. I can try with timeshift to RAM only again. I have 4GB RAM, so 1GB timeshift should work well normally. But after this 1GB is full tvheadend automaticall moves the data to disk (at least documentation says this). This may explain why this issue persisted with timeshift to disk.

    I had only used normal HDDs for timeshift.

    Seriously... the #1 reason why I have a HTPC is timeshift feature. If this is broken the HTPC is really no longer a real benefit.

    Debugging such a reproducible issue should be possible... but how?

    Since I upgraded to milhouse builds later than june, my htpc locks up every 1-2 days. Locking up means i need to turn it off the hard way.

    I made same larger steps to september, end of october and latest. Since end of october at minimum one a day, often twice - hsts client complains it lost connection to tvheadend. After ~1minute it recovers. I guess tvheadend has been restarted. This seems not a hsts client issue as all running recordings at this restart are broken. The issues happened on hd and sd channels, often ofter a l long run time without any interaction with the system e.g. 2.5h on one tv channel.

    Where are the tvheadend logs? Any idea why the box completly freezes and need to be turned off? My users stressing because of this permanent instability issues. It‘s really annoying.

    This is where the issue is.

    A few lines later you see

    That is because the complete interface hanged and I pressed some keys on my remote to see if it reponds. But the complete interface hanged. Something you can see in the timestamps - there was nothing written.

    Debugging has been disabled AFTER the issue occurred. I'm not stupid. The file has no changes in order. Only internal hostnames/mac addresses and folder/filenames are changed.

    DaVu Ok. I see VideoPlayer has 63 commits and it looks like this is the component that is involved.

    Here is the system debug log you asked for. I also start playing the DVD in this log (end of file).

    Would it be helpful to share the VIDEO_TS.IFO only for repro or are there more files required?

    DaVu: I have, but this is not my point. I only asked for changelog and commit history and the changes inside. This does not require that you are able to reproduce the bug or I need to share dvds with you. I guess this is not legal.

    If we know what has been changes in this ***one*** day, we may already have the root cause - at least the component. Than we can look for known bugs in the changed component. I do not expect many changes within one day! Something that should be easy to identify. And again this does not require any repro - it is only a question what code changes have committed.

    Than we can reduce the debugging to related stuff.

    DaVu have you been able to figure out what components have been changed? I guess this is just dvd nav that has been upgraded. So if we can create a build with just one component downgraded we can identify the source that is causing the bug. Than the release notes can be reviewed and maybe dvd nav has already such a known bug.

    Have you figured out what exactly has been changed in this specific build???

    It woild give us both an idea in what direction we need to investigate and what logs are required. I cannot find the changelog of this day. How can I find it?