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    I was able to successfully build except this time when I first ran the script it said I was missing libjson-perl and asked if I wanted to install. I said yes, and it was not found in the arch repo because the package is called perl-json so got that installed and I was building. Then I got to vice and it cried about xa missing. Installed that and didnt fix it even after reboot. So I went to /lib and found so I think I got it in the correct folder. But after three attempts at getting it to compile a pkg that I wouldn't even use I just cleaned it then no further errors and so far it has booted but haven't really played with it but I'm sure that it should be as good as if escalade built it as I didn't really do anything other then run a script.

    Thank you escalade for putting together such a great distro it really has everything you could ask for in a htpc.

    Ive been trying to compile le8 but I get an error at gdate. I think it has to do with pkg-config on my host but Im not sure. I have found some patches that address the issue but they are old and I think Im not reading the error correctly. I have a fully updated arch-linux build with devel-base installed. During the first run of my attempts it prompted me to install a couple packages which I did. I think this is the relevant code below. I also have a link to the terminal-output. I tried pastebin but it said I had exceeded 512kb. Thanks for looking

    I see, can reproduce here as well. Looks like the window manager isn't giving it focus. What you can do is press ALT+F10 to unmaximize the window, that seems to make the buttons work.

    Regarding your input, looks like you've upgraded from the previous build. I can't overwrite the configuration files during upgrades so you'll need to remove the old config to get the new one. Can't understand what's happening in RetroArch for you, as the controller seems to be detected and loads an autoconfiguration for the DS4.

    No I did not install by upgrade. Yesterday I spent ample time installing and hard resetting different versions all the way back to the 12-8(somewhere around there) build. And even openelec official and a alpha libreelec trying to get stuff to work. I eventually booted up my arch and used gparted to delete and format both system and storage. Extracted the update from the 13th put kernel and system with the md5 on system and rebooted to a fresh install. I have to manual install because I have LVM and the installers can't see past it. Before when I would "fresh install" it would be an update followed by hard reset but this time I had issue so I went the long way to ensure that it was a truly fresh install. I don't use residualvm and didn't know it was an emu. The log name sounded like it might have been a log you might have wanted so that's why I even mentioned it. In the builds that worked for me RetroArch would pop up with wireless controller (and dolphin in the controller config screen on the current build) which is a config file name. But in the RetroArch logs I posted it says similar to ps4 controller by bluez. I think around line 181. On my gdrive the file RetroArch-old is for absolutely fresh install and the ra log I posted today does have my ra.cfg in the config folder but that was the only file I added since I first posted about the input issue. During my self diagnosis I even broke out my old Dell Inspiron to test had same issue. I could probably get logs from that PC if you like. On the Dell tho I only was testing the dbus notification which also did not work

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    You don't have a ds4 v2 by any chance? I think it might need it's own mappings with 4.10, could you configure it in Emulationstation and send me the /storage/.config/emulationstation/es_input.cfg? I'll have a look at Chrome and Spotify, probably something changed with the Arch ebuild, as that's where I pull the version numbers from. How did you launch residualvm? Start it as /usr/bin/ and it should log to /tmp/residualvm.log.

    I didnt run residualvm. I was just looking at the logs of interest in the op. I did now run it and I didnt get mouse input to click exit had to use alt-f4. I have configured es_input with the same controller from my first report. I think I have both versions of ds4 but was using v1 for the testing. I believe it to be v1 because the model number ends in 1u and the light is not also in the touch pad.I have added es_input and a new retroarch log here. I have added my retroarch.bak back in /storage/.confg/retroarch the new retroarch log ran with my setup from my backup but still had no input. If there is any other logs info I can get for you let me kno. Otherwise everything is working great. Thanks for your hard work


    - Linux 4.10-rc3
    - 1.19.0 (had this downgraded previously because of VICE)
    - Switched VICE x64 to SDL2 (with this the Generic build does not need SDL1 any more)
    - Added new DS4 mapping to Kodi peripheral.joystick addon, Emulationstation, Dolphin and RetroArch
    - Updated Mesa 17 git brings OpenGL 4.2 to Haswell
    - Updated HEVC 10-bit patch for Kodi/Mesa/Linux
    - Disabled threaded video and enabled double buffering (instead of triple) in RetroArch for even lower input latency

    This release can be found in the testing folder. Sony did some major work on the hid-sony driver used for the DS4 in 4.10, so if you upgraded from a previous build then you will need to update the mappings in the above mentioned applications.

    I'd be interested to hear from DS4 users on a clean install if it works satisfactory. No controller config should be needed, plug n play :)

    I wanted to try this autoconfig today so I super wipe the libreelec partions and go for the gold but have a few issues. All this is after a fresh install with no additional files other anything other then ssh keys. Ive got no first run notifications for Chrome or spotify. Chrome does install but spotify gives 404 in /tmp. Hook up the ds4 all is well. It selects the games with o then I played gc games no prob had to use the kb to get out of dolphin then used the ds4 to launch retroarch from emu station and then I come in to problem there is no input at all and the only kb buttons working are f1 and esc. I tried the usual enter/backspace z/x and arrows but no good not in game or rgui(arrows work). Here is journalctl -b and some logs from/tmp. And another journalctl -b right after reboot and only running retroarch still with only f1 and esc working. I didnt see a residualvm.log in tmp. I think I got All the logs. This is on a nuc5i7 and the build from the 13th. Im going to config myself and continue my set up because I like to be up to date. and who knows my retroarch.bak just might fix me up.

    Thanks for the great builds

    This works great on my X86 Im thinking about adding a dvb-s2 tuner soon.

    btw is playstation 2 emulation possible ? ...that would be the icing on the cake

    There is pcsx2 emulator but it's not a libretto core. I'm sure there is a way to add it to emulation station but idk how. I would guess you go to es_systems file and add it there with the command pointing at the location you installed pcsx2 executable

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    Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to use an xbox 360 remote with this build and I loose all functionality when loading EmulationStation. Is there a file I need to delete to allow Emulation Station to auto discover my controller?

    While In emulation station you probably need to press right CTL then use keyboard to select config and setup your controller. I think most of the autoconfig is for ds4


    I was thinking about the KB shortcuts you told me about which gave me a workaround with that dolphin screen. I just maximize with alt-f10 and I get that profile box. Thanks for the great build.

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    Would I just have to figure out how to use fluxbox then? Isn't that the window manager? Otherwise your build has the wife's approval thanks alot

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    That's odd, the controller config looks normal here. Can you upload a photo? You can use ALT + right mouse click to start resizing a window. ALT + F10 will unmaximize a window, as they are maximized by default and ALT + TAB to switch windows.

    Thanks I didnt know about the resize shortcut. I tried the alt-right window resize and the cursor changed to the resize cursor but it didnt actually change the size but I did get it to move. My nuc is plugged in as hdmi and set to 1080 and the only changes Ive made to dolphin settings is I set it to wide screen and the rest is default. My issue is with the profile box there should be a drop down menu and a place to type to name the profile the users create. The Image was to big to upload so here is my drive link com/open?id=0B2Iqo2_g5P0HOEZ5eTI4ZXJtaWM . Idk if im allowed to post links so just remove the space before com and see the requested image

    I recently discovered this awesome gaming build and it has worked great. Thank you very much but tonight I got to use the dolphin on four player mode which worked great. Only problem I had was the controller config screen is all squished and hard to pick/save the controller profile because the drop down menu is all hidden. If you Know that the boxes are there you can use it but very difficult. I wonder how I could use the fluxbox to add window boarders to windows so that they can be resize-able? Is that even possible? Or is there a file i can edit to resize the window? Otherwise this build is awesome I think that even my sound sounds better.