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    Have you seen this topic? If two remotes are enough for you then there is a solution.

    Looks very interesting. I'll try it. It could be an easy way to extend the number of buttons with a Harmony remote.

    I've probably misunderstood the issue but, you can already use different commands for PowerOn and PowerOff with the Harmony remotes.
    Learn the PowerToggle Button from remote two to remote one and name it PowerOff.

    You're right, my sentence was not clear (even for me, after reading it again :dodgy: ). I mixed two different problems.
    The first one is to use two remotes at the same time. And the post above could be the solution.
    And the second problem is the power on key, that stick to the original remote. And it will be the case even if I declare two remotes, as configuration is only set after poweron.

    If I command from Harmony, you're right, I can learn to Harmony the two power buttons. And with harmony remote, it could be even better to have a power on separated from power off.
    The real problem occurs when I don't have the harmony (use the box in another place, give the box to someone else). If I give the new remote, it will not be possible to power on (only off). Not a big deal, but it could cleaner if I was able the change the default setting.

    Yes this page includes a lot of information for remotes. In this page, there is a suggestion about the way to use multiple remotes at the same time. I tried without success, because only the last one is taking into account. If someone knows a trick to do that, it could be useful.
    For example, I would like to change the remote, to use one with more buttons. But the power button, for power ON, is always the button of the initial remote. Is it hard coded, or related to uboot ?

    So I would like to put in my Harmony remote two version of the power button : the original one for power on, and the new one for power down, after the remote.conf was read.

    Here's page, shorter, but with a more precise information on XX and YY (the logical inverse) :
    Remote control configuration for Libreelec on Amlogic Socs | Micro Devices

    All woirks except for the power button for which I cannot get the scancode as the box of course switches off before I can run the "dmesg -c" SSH command and read it off. So if anyone knows the scancode, or more precisely with this box the "Remote: Press ircode" , then I cannot map that to the 116 KODI shutdown command.

    A way to get the Ir code of power button could be to change the main remote code in the remote.conf " factory_code ". This way, the box will not react to any button of your remote. So using dmesg, you will have a "wrong button" reported, with the code, but no action, as if the remote was for another device :

    remote: Wrong custom code is 0xae517f80

    Here the button code is 0x51.
    (use "remotecfg /storage/.config/remote.conf" to apply a new config without rebooting")

    I noticed that the Dolby Digital Plus is not working anymore. All other supported audio formats works great except this one. It used to work in the previous builds but now my receiver is giving me decoder off as no sound is passing through. I am using your latest build which works fine in all other areas.

    Just for information, I recently had a problem also with dolby digital+ with few files recorded from DVBT. No sound on central speaker (no voices)
    From a 905x box ( , I'm using passthrough mode, with spdif to my receiver which is not dolby digital + compliant. My receiver was just detecting stereo.

    But the next day, when I wanted to reproduce the case, no problem, it worked like a charm (same files, no update). The receiver detects 5.1 mode dolby digital.
    So maybe it's not a problem with the version, but something that can goes wrong under specific condition.
    I will try to provide a log if it happens again.