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    I've the new release build of LibreElec and Kodi Leia - and am trying out the new retro gaming features - cool!

    Quite a few of the emulators (Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo) run, but are too slow.

    I'm thinking overclocking the Rpi 3 B+ might help.

    Can anyone recommend some overclocking settings that are OK with this model of Raspberry Pi



    For various difference reasons I'm looking to set up my Kodi install again from scratch - it runs on a Raspberry Pi3.

    I set the original install up ages ago with my Raspberry Pi 1 and Kodi Frodo and have transferred it through ever since, when I set this up originally I kept receiving errors with the system becoming corrupt - I found out that this was due to issue with the Rpi1 not being able to read and write to the memory card at the same time, and so I followed an online guide to set the storage up with a memory stick as system and a flash card as system - this worked very well.

    So my question is, now that I'm using a Rp3 and we're several years down the line, do I still need to set up my system with a memory stick and a SD card to avoid memory card corruption? Or can I simply run the LibreElec install as per the instructions on the Wiki and assume everything will be fine...?


    One of the problems I have encountered with Win32diskimager is that it backups a 4G SD card as a 4G image. However, on trying to restore there is only 3.9G available (Capacity of the SD card)

    You'd be better off using the LE backup option or the Kodi addon " Script Backup" to backup your settings.

    The thing is that I've backed up and restored the memory sticks in the past fine, its just now that I've formatted it I'm getting problems...

    Whats LE backup?

    I have an issue with writing a backup image to a memory stick.

    I have LibreElec set up so that a SD card hold the system and a 16GB USB memory stick hold the storage files - this all works really nice.

    Every so often I stick the USB stick and the SD card into my laptop and back them up by making an image file with Win32DiskImager.

    In the past when I've wanted to restore the USB stick to an earlier stage I plug it back into the laptop - Windows displays the memory stick as drive D, but it can't read it (I think because its EXT4), but as the drive is listed as D I can select it in Win32DiskImager to write an image back to it successfully.

    The problem I have is that this time, I formatted the stick as FAT32 as I needed to transfer files.

    When I try to use Win32DiskImager to write the I get an error stating that there is not enough space on the USB stick.

    If I format the stick as EXT4, I Windows this time wont assign it a drive letter (like it did in the past).

    So I'm now stuck and unable to write the image back.

    I'd appreciate some advice on what I'm doing wrong.


    Thanks for the info.

    I only have a USB memory stick plugged in which I use for mass storage. Its been working fine for ages, the rainbow box has appeared in the last week.

    I bought a raspberry pi recommended power supply - but its 2 amps.

    I've decided to order a new power pack - a 2.5A version this time...


    I've have Kodi / LibreELEC running on a Raspberry Pi3.

    The system has been working really well, but all of a sudden I how get a rainbow square appear in the top right corner.

    I understand that this represents power issues. Though Kodi / LibreElec seems to work fine.

    I bought an approved 2Amp power supply. I don't turn the system off, its been permanently on for a years or more.

    Could it be that my power supply has suddenly gone bad? Do they have a life span?

    I'd appreciate some advice.