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    Hi Iridium!

    I don't know exactly what is the loop device, but it's full. Here is my "df -h" outpuyt.

    sda being and old NTFS drive with Windows7 on it. Still using it for some old TV series still not watched.

    As for the "journalctl" I didn't see multiple NTP requests or anything, from my noob's point of view, very strange.

    Thanks for your help!


    LIbreELEC 8.2.0 on AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor

    I basically use this computer as a headless computer.
    TVs around the house use "Android Boxes" with Kodi to stream from TVH.

    When I SSH to LibreELEC and look at "top" command I get something like this :


    Is it normal that TVH is at 100% (on one of the 4 cores I suppose) ? When I took this screenshot there was no streaming. The box was virtually doing "nothing".

    I'm asking because today I got some slowdown, and that's the 1st thing that bring my attention. Maybe there's some overheating at some point when I start to stream content.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    I also have problems with my zap2xml :-( I don't know if it's since I upgraded to 7.95.3 or not.

    - I emptied cache folder. But that didn't helped.
    - I disabled the extra information and that worked. But now I'm missing these extra informations :-\

    I remember seeing "error 500" in the log file when it wasn't working. So it looks like the addon wasn't able to retrieve some content from the web. But shouldn't it manage that ?

    Tell me if I can help in some ways too ?


    zap2xml 0.6.0
    LibreElec 7.95.3


    LibreELEC 7.95.1 (Generic x86_64)
    Chromium Add-on 8.1.106
    Install both libs (for NetFlix & Flash)

    No problem to access Netflix and watch movies.

    But when I try to access Facebook, sometimes I'm able to see the page briefly, and then I get this message:
    « Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. »

    I disabled all extensions. I disabled HW acceleration. I cleared cache.

    What else I can do ?


    Awesome it worked! Thanks! Another tip in my sleeve.


    I found the "problem" for the weird channel behaviour. The channel is WPTZ 5.1 (and 5.2 and 5.3) (if that helps somehow) .

    Strangely, when I look inside the xmltv.xml file, all programmes starts 10 days later. The 1st programme is due on the 26th of January. If I check on zap2it website, all the informations are there for today (the 16th of January).

    IDK if you can help. The problem is probably in script. That's probably over my own knowledge.

    First of all, a big thank you. Your help and your patience are greatly appreciated.

    Now, my bad. Found my problem, in part with all the great tips you gave me.
    I added argument in the "Extra arguments" in the "EPG Grabber Module" tab in TVH for zap2xml.
    When I removed them, it all worked fine.

    I try to add arguments because I was looking for long descriptions in the EPG. But now it's fine. I think I setup that in the zap2xml addon settings.

    In fact there's one channel that doesn't "want" to get in the EPG. And I don't know why. For now it's not a big problem since I don't watch it very much.
    But that's strange. In the xmltv.xml file, I can see the channel listed there, and all the associated programmes.
    In TVH I linked the EPG channel with the channel. But still, I can't see it in TVH's "Electronic Program Guide" tab. (and not on Kodi, of course).

    Don't have much time today to "play" with it. Will check it more deeply tomorrow.

    And thanks again. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon! :-D

    In tvh have you enabled the zap2xml grabber and saved that setting? Have you setup your zap2it or tvguide username/password in the zap2xml add on settings? Have you setup favorite channels on the zap2it/tvguide website? In the tvh web interface have you connected your channels to the source epg zap2xml channels?

    All these need to be done to have everything run and be automated. Based on the fact that you can run it manually - and I assume that generated the correct xmltv.xml file - the first or last item above is likely your issue.

    Hi, I think I did all that...

    • In TVH I enabled zap2xml grabber and disabled all the other one.


    • I use Zap2It with my usernamer/password.


    • I setup my favorite channels on the website.


    • I also manually connected my channels to the source EPG zap2xml channels.

    Maybe you can't help me. But what is the best way for me to kinda trace/debug my problems ?

    • How can I see if TVH really trigger the zap2xml (from what I see, that doesn't happens) ?


    • And once the xmltv.xml file is generated (I can see it when I launch zap2xml manually) when does TVH pick it up ?


    • Finally, when/if TVH parse the xmltv.xml file, when will I see it in Kodi's TV Guide ?

    Probably too much questions... Sorry... I don't know exactly with which one I should start... Probably with the trigger of zap2xml from TVH.

    Thanks again! :-)


    Since a few days I'm fiddling around with Zap2XML and everything around it. I red this thread, but I have not found my answer yet.
    I just try to understand how this all works together.

    In TVH web interface, when I click on "Re-run internal EPG grabbers". Looks like nothing happens. Via SSH I check the zap2xml log file, or the tvxml.xml file. And they don't get updated.

    If I manually run [...]/tv_grab_zap2xml then I can see the log file and xml file change. That works fine.

    But on Kodi, I don't see results quickly in the TV Guide, I don't even know WHEN the changes will appears. Looks like random, but sure it's not.

    Can I do manual stuff ? Or only rely on some more official ways like the "Re-run" button ?

    LibreELEC 7.9.010 :: TVHeadEnd 4.2 :: Zap2XML 0.60

    Thanks for your ideas!

    I'll probably do something along those lines. Can't the Athlon be good enough to watch TV with it ?
    That's what we're doing right now, but with WMC7. I'll try it anyway.

    Anyhow, I have to buy an Android Box for one or two bedrooms. I'll keep note of your specs suggestions!

    Thx again!


    Basically, I'm looking in LibreELEC / Kodi to finally replace my aging Windows 7 Media Center.
    This PC, an Athlon II X4 2.6Mhz with 4Gb of RAM is still working fine. But I know I have some things to fix in it (PSU & GPU) About 100$ to invest, at least.
    The main purpose of this WMC7 was DVR. With 4 ATSC tuners (2 HDHomeRun and 2 Hauppauge).

    I was wondering. Is it better to fix and use this PC, or buy on of these little "Android TV box" or NUC ?
    Are these small devices powerful enough to record 4 ATSC streams at once on an external USB drive ?
    And streaming 2 to 3 other devices all at the same time ? (I'm using a Gigabit Wired Network for it).

    Any suggestions ?