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    I tested also

    echo "full,rgb,10bit" > /sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr


    [150857.907303@0] hdmitx: video: Bit depth: 10-bit, Colour range RGB: full, YCC: full, Colourspace: RGB

    But test results are the same, TV detects signal as Full, but colours are washed out and when manually switched to the Limited Range (on TV), picture is OK . So it seems I still get Limited video range, despite hdmitx message :(

    I definitivelly dont recommend SD Card for DB, I had quite hard/weirdy testing times there myself :)

    I actually also jump from MySQL 5.1.73 to the MariaDB (but fresh installed DB content), and so far as user I didnt find any big troublemakers yet (something different from MySQL experience before)

    I take it that MariaDB also prevents outside access by default. and accepts only local clients?

    It shouldnt be. You could try use actual IP instead localhost (if you testing localhost), but from my test a few days before (not tested lately changes in code/polishing random passwd etc), if correctly installed, it could be accessed from the same machine and from other on LAN also.


    I noticed, that (most propably because Kodi changes in time) idle CPU usage of vanilla LE is around 14-20% (Odroid C2). When I tested release with Jarvis 16.1, idle CPU usage is around 2-6% (and was that also on weaker Raspberry Pi2). This is a bit important for me, as I am using 24/7 installations.

    I am suspecting that this is because some changes in rendering system inside Kodi (?), because I remember, for 18y old PC, I limited GUI fps by limitframes variable@Application.cpp CApplication::Render()


    if (limitFrames) {
      singleFrameTime = 30;  //no need to render menu more than 25 fps on old computer
      // Screensaver is on, 1 fps - idle for Raspberry, slow PC etc.
      if (m_bScreenSave==true) {
      singleFrameTime = 1000;  // 1 fps, high wakeup latency but v.low CPU usage

    and thats greatly (20% --> 4% on Odroid C2/Rpi2) reduced Idle CPU usage, when ARM box/Old PC was running, but TV shutdowned and not used (=actived [Black] screensaver).

    I used this (part for screensaver) also for Rpi2 LE some time (years back, maybe it was OE, maybe LE, old version, maybe 4/5/6), but then propably some LE patch/hack (?) did similiar work, and I remember Ive got 2-5% idle CPU even without my modification on LE 7. And I dont use any overclocking, dirty region hacks, etc., I am using standard values and standard installation.

    Leia (LibreELEC 9):

    Now, I am trying to get similiar results with Leia releases, but I am not sucessfull yet. I think, the previous patch/hack is gone, and Kodi again renders all the time all the FPS, and therefore put unecessary CPU Idle load to the 24/7 ARMs.

    I tried to address this on the Kodi side, not much solution there yet. With suspiction, that you guys already sucesfully fought with this before (and then benefit was lost when Kodi code changed), I am trying get some opinions here also.

    The code for CApplication::Render()changed since Jarvis, and unfortunatelly I wasnt able to stop/limit Rendering, through similiar modification on the Leia:

    void CApplication::Render()
    // do not render if we are stopped, in background, or screensaver active
    if (m_bStop || (m_screensaverActive))

    I didnt see any change and video out was always rendering. Limitframes variable is gone, so for now I dont know, how to kick at least frame limitation, during screensaver.

    Is there any chance, that this could be solveable similiary as on Jarvis release? I dont get much Kodi support on their forum yet. I believe, that even with Leia it should be possible be somewhere near 4% Idle. When I stopped Kodi service, CPU usage drops kinda that way, and I am pretty sure that Kodi itself when doing nothing doesnt take that amount (20%) of CPU, so it should be most propably rendering. And the same observation I had on Jarvis..

    Differences between LE 7.0.3 and LE 9, with black screensaver on inactivity, without any of my modifications.



    Correction: with Irix mode off top results drops to

    4-6% with default config

    1.5-3.5% with `smartredraw true`

    Busybox’s top from 7.0.3 run in “Solaris mode”, procps-ng from 9.x runs in Irix mode. Not sure yet, why average load doesnt fits, but it seems I was wrong and CPU usage is relativelly same. With smartredraw even better maybe.

    Strange I cant make it work otherwise..

    I tried the plugin, its kinda works, but I cant disable binary logging there (propably because

    root@210c880000ea:/# cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf  | grep log_bin
    log_bin                 = /config/log/mysql/mariadb-bin
    log_bin_index           = /config/log/mysql/mariadb-bin.index

    is defined within container, and its not possible to disable binary logging through custom.cnf)

    and I dont know why, but mysql is toooo slow. Dunno, if its by docker, or MariaDB, or kodi version (leia), but Kodi 16.1 with vPeters MySQL is really snappy compared with docker@leia+mariadb :(

    I have similiar issue, but I need to run container BEFORE kodi tries to start.

    I installed MariaDB through docker

    docker run -d p 3306:3306 --volume=/storage/mysql:/config -e TZ="CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3" -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=xoxo -e=MYSQL_USER=xyxy -e=MYSQL_PASSWORD=xzxz --name mysql lsioarmhf/mariadb

    Docker service is already in system.d. If I would define "--restart unless-stopped" for container, it would be started automatically, but I dont know how to control startp sequence. And I need to have DB up before Kodi start, obviously, to be able interconnect Kodi and MariaDB.

    I already tried /storage/.config/system.d

    where is just docker start mysql but for some reason this service doesnt work...

    infinity85 cdu13a made a great work with implementing gpioplug-ir-recv into CE. For some reason I personally have struggles and although meson-ir works fine for me, GPIO for some reason dont. If tou want, I would appretiate, if you can give it a try.. As it works for cdu13a (both raw codes, and kernel codes), I starting to suspect event my GPIO/Odroid C2 :)

    It is not just the module: gpioplug-ir-recv missing. It is also the dependent module: modprobe options missing:

    LibreELEC:~ # modprobe options gpioplug-ir-recv gpio_nr=238 active_low=1
    modprobe: FATAL: Module options not found in directory /lib/modules/3.14.29
    LibreELEC:~ # options gpioplug-ir-recv gpio_nr=238 active_low=1

    I see this error message, because wrxtasy incorporated the gpioplug-ir-recv into a LibreELEC 7.1.3 community testbuild successfully, but still the GPIO IR didn't work. So I saw that assignment of gpio_nr=238 wasn't possible because of the missing modprobe options module.

    The thing here is... This thread is in the wrong subforum here. You refer to the official LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-8.0.0 release, but this subforum here is only for the community builds.

    Would be great to have GPIO IR working in LE master.. Nowadays I am trying all kind of builds and test, if there GPIO works or not ..


    I am capable to blacklist meson-ir (its not loadeded after blacklisting), but it seems to be impossible to load gpio-ir-recv :( From commandline, neither from modprobe.d directory, I cant get this gpio-ir-rcv driver loaded, its just not showing on ir-keytable..

    It seems that for Odroid C2 is gpioplug-ir-recv also mandatory, without it its not possible to map GPIN to IR signal, and also gpio-ir-recv doesnt load.. :(

    You can still use lirc if you want or need to. Just make sure to disable in-kernel decoding as described in the wiki.

    In LE9 lirc will automatically start if your have a /storage/.config/lircd.conf file (in LE8 you had to enable it in LE settings).

    so long,


    I hit on the big issue. I copied lircd.conf, restart LE9 and it works.. BUT! only for Odroid C2 internal IR RX diode..

    I need to "cable" my IR RX using GPIO pins, as I did it on Rpi2.

    I follow official guide, and according this, the GPIO is set to live by

    code = /sbin/modprobe gpio-ir-recv
    code1 = /sbin/modprobe gpioplug-ir-recv gpio_nr=249 active_low=1

    But lirc_options.conf isnt linked to /storage from /etc/lirc (so this file is permanent), and in file I can even see

    # modinit is not supported in LibreELEC

    Is there anything I can do for enable GPIO IR support on Odroid C2 ?

    What I am suppose to do? In Rpi its worked through