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    U-Boot problems:

    1) My (Fast) Ethernet adapter isn't seen.

    2) "usb start" generates an exception and reboots, even with no external USB devices connected.

    However Ethernet and USB work fine once LibreElec is booted :)

    I am running the generic box version on a Scishion V88 Piano.

    Do people running other versions on different hardware have the same problems?

    WARNING: please ignore this post.
    Sorry, this must have been the solution I used under Ubuntu on my KI Plus clone.
    It seems that it does not work on LE :(

    To set the MAC address permanently, ssh into your box as root and, using a text editor, you need something like :-

    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
          hwaddress ether 00:11:22:33:44:55

    This can either be added to your /etc/network/interfaces file or else in a file eth0 in the /etc/network/interfaces.d directory.

    You should replace 00:11:22:33:44:55 with your MAC address.

    Obviously the above assumes that eth0 is the interface you wish to change.
    (It is generally correct for the first wired interface.)
    However you can see the interfaces on your system by running :-

    ifconfig -a

    The new settings will take effect after a reboot but for them to come into effect immediately run :-

    /etc/init.d/networking restart

    N.B. you will probably lose your ssh connection, especially if this is the interface you are connected through.


    Many thanks, also interesting, can somebody teach how to do it ?

    If you are doing this by hand:-
    The first few lines give the name of the file to be modified.
    The @@ line gives the line numbers to be modified.
    Lines following the @@ line indicate the modifications to the file:-
    - Lines starting with a space character give the context so that you can confirm the exact position in the file to perform the modifications.
    - Lines starting with a - indicate lines to be removed from the file (there aren't any in this example).
    - Lines starting with a + indicate lines to be added to the file (without the +).

    I am only adopting internal dvb driver, for kernel you have to ask kszaq.

    I am not sure that I understand :(
    The internal DVB driver must be in a kernel (albeit your 3.14.x one, not the mainline one).
    (Or else in a loadable kernel module which is essentially the same thing.)

    Is your source code under the GPL (it should be) or only a proprietary licence?
    Is the relevant source code at GitHub - afl1/ at 7.95.beta5N ?
    If so I shall have a look.

    But the same scan issue is also with old driver. Driver has more parts: tuner, demodulator, demuxer and frontend. Tuner and demodulator parts are new and base on public software. Demuxer is old. S905 has hw demuxer and soft is written by amlogic. This part is buggy, PES filtering, causing scan issue. I am trying debug and fix this part. Now can anyone contribute to fix this as the complete driver sources are published.

    I would be interested in helping.
    I have written Linux drivers and also userspace software demultiplexers for many earth observation satellites.
    However I am not familiar with the Linux DVB drivers and I know nothing about the S905 hardware demultiplexer.

    Nevertheless I would be much more interested in doing this in the mainline Linux kernel rather than continuing to fiddle with an old 3.14.x kernel.
    AIUI mainline S905 SoC support has improved greatly recently and Mali support seems to be on its way :)
    Do you know what else is preventing migration to a mainline kernel?
    (AFAICS WiFi, if missing, is not essential to test the DVB drivers and the KI Plus could temporarily run headless without Mali and HDMI support.)

    It's normal. You must to activate the setting "power save" in both adapter

    I had already done this but I am afraid that it is not sufficient.
    Currently the only reasonable solution seems to be to disable an internal DVB tuner and to use an external USB DVB tuner instead.
    But it is a shame to have to do this :(

    Sorry for my late reply: I wanted to double check that I had enabled Power save but I have been having problems with TVHeadend auto-updates :(

    One problem I have with the AVL6862 DVB adapter is due to the fact that its DVB-S and DVB-T tuners are not independent.
    (That is one cannot use the DVB-S tuner simultaneously with the DVB-T tuner.)
    In the background TVHeadend does EPG and idle scanning.
    If one tries to watch TV using the other tuner, TVHeadend will say that no adapter is available.
    Unfortunately I have not found out how to configure TVHeadend to avoid using them simultaneously.

    One workaround is to disable the internal DVB-T tuner and to use an external USB DVB-T tuner.
    But this limits the interest of having a dual tuner.
    (An external DVB-T tuner is also necessary for scanning because DVB-T scanning works very badly with the internal tuner.)

    I suppose another workaround would be to disable EPG scanning and idle scanning in TVHeadend.
    But this would be a shame.

    Does anyone know how to configure TVHeadend to not use both tuners simultaneously?

    There is no disadvantage, it is fix for issue caused by migrating to new kernel version.
    I can see any second.dtb in my SD card.

    I tried the DTB file you suggested and now all four USB slots work :)
    Thank you.

    As I wrote above, the file second.dtb is inside kernel.img which is a compressed archive.
    It is therefore not directly visible on the SD card.
    However it does not seem to be a DTB file.
    The DT compiler/decompiler dtc doesn't recognize it as a DTB.
    I was misled by the file name and the fact that it has the same size as dtb.img.
    However its contents are very different.
    Sorry for the noise :(

    Missing USB ports is problem of device tree blob. For fixing KI Plus replace dbt.img with gxbb_p200_k1_plus.dtb (rename it to dbt.img).

    Thank you, I shall try it.

    Does this DTB file have any disadvantages?
    If not, could you replace the DTB file in your next release, please?

    There is another DTB file (second.dtb) inside kernel.img.
    What is it for and do I have to replace it as well?
    (Replacing it is more complicated as it is in a compressed archive.)

    On my Xtreamer mxV Pro all four USB slots work with the Xtreamer OE firmware:

    They also all work on Xtreamer Android.

    With your LE firmware the upper slot close to the SD card is not working:

    The USB Bus 002 is missing.
    It seems that this is also the case on an authentic KI Plus.

    I am not a DT expert but this seems to me like a DTB file problem.
    I shall try decompiling and comparing the DTB files.

    Or do you have any other ideas?

    Friday 13th release in #1 . Good luck!

    Thank you :)

    I tried this release on a USB stick instead of the micro SD card I used previously.
    (Using a USB stick is much less fiddly ;) )
    My first impressions are good.
    Channel changing, which was slow on the previous version, seems much faster.

    One thing I did notice is that it doesn't boot completely in the top left USB slot.
    After booting kernel.img the USB stick seems to no longer be seen.
    There is an error in the mount_flash function in the init script in kernel.img which throws me into a root shell :(

    I had previously also noticed that in LibreElec a DVB-T adapter in the top left USB slot is not seen.

    All this may be because I have an Xtreamer mxV and not an authentic KI Plus.
    Do KI Plus users have the same problems?