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    Looks like i managed to corrupt an entire hard disk permissions. My fault.

    The disk happens to be the one with all my videos collection............

    Now, libreelec can read BUT not write

    It looks like the problem is with entire DISK, not some directories or just some files.

    I was trying via network (windows) to change permission, windows see libreelec ownership and have no authority to change permissions :


    So, i guess only chance is to make things right via SSH.

    I dont know much about SSH, only the basics.. so, any help is most welcomed

    thanks ....


    Its been some days now running 8.2.5-6.42.2-4.16.15 on my Asrock J5005 (Gemini Lake) and i must tell you i m IMPRESSED.

    100% stable, never EVER crashed or frozen, although system is heavily loaded (thousands of movies, films, TV recodrings)

    Response is ultra fast, everything plays fine without any CPU stress, GUI is fluid, its all amazing.

    No words to thank you enough all you guys, kudos @sky42 your work is AWESOME.

    I just bought a newer generation motherboard (Gemini Lake ASROCK J5005),knowing that there will be issues with Libreelec, so, i m not expecting miracles, yet i dont want to install windows, although i do have a spare students license. I insist in using Libreelec.

    Having read all posts in this thread (and a couple more related threads) i m still a bit confused... Question is, if i would like a somewhat "stable" version installed (less bugs to fight with), which one should i download?

    I could wait a couple of weeks if things are expected to improve somehow ( some important bug fix maybe? )

    Found an easier solution (easy for me that i dont know much about SSH)

    I just deleted the (old incompatible) config file via the Kodi File Manager, rebooted and network share now works fine.

    Just mentioning in case it will help others.

    @chewitt for me, perfect, i insist. Its more than what i would expect from a software offered for free. Even this support here, in this topic, the fact that you pinpointed my problem, is way more that i would expect. All good.

    ...In the next 8.1.x release we will now be disabling incompatible custom samba configurations so that worse case, you have working Samba but none of your custom shares or other changes (until you re-apply them).

    Alright then, i will be waiting for the next release, to disable incompatible file, and regain network access.

    That should be a PERFECT solution.

    Thank you for your help.

    Yes, i am using a custom samba.conf

    Same for long long time... It is the default file actually, i have only added one share at the bottom of the file, for the entire "storage"

    This is it

    If this is causing the problem, could it be temp fixed somehow? I need network access for at least my TVheadend recordings folder, so that i can transfer all my recent TV recordings to our storage PC. If those are saved, i could format + reinstall libreelec from scratch

    Many thanks :)

    EDIT: Just to clarify, the posted samba.conf, comes from a recent backup, it's what it was BEFORE update.

    I have no idea what it is right now, inside the live installation. No idea if update process or tests changed it somehow :S

    Thank you all guys for answering, no i NEVER had any passwords.

    I used to just open a windows explorer window, click "Network", and there it was, in the list, among all other computers in the home network.

    NOW, i dont see media player there anymore, AND typing \\libreelec wont help either.

    I can only access if i type IP \\, and in that case it asks for a password, as explained above. Fist time i have seen/heard about passwords and password settings is now, with this recent update.

    Same problem, service set to v2 in Kodi, min v2 max v3 in libreelec (default settings), no matter if i set password or not i cannot even see media player in home network PCs.

    Using \\ in file explorer address bar brings up a pop up window asking for password. No matter what psssword i use, i always get error, wrong username / pass

    I did try both, disabled and enabled password (libreelec config program) , used a couple of simple user/pass so there is no typo or anything, .. no luck

    PS I have read in portal a reply about win 10 hack to add back smbv1 (?) , Dont know if trick works, but i really do not want to do that, its the only thing i did not try

    What is the problem & how to replicate: Fresh default libreelec installation, install tvheadend service (front end), change kodi language to Greek. Reboot, system works fine.

    Now, install tvheadend CLIENT addon provided in libreelec repository, reboot, system does NOT boot up, its stuck for ever in a loop.

    It seems this is a known problem for quite a few months now, there are for example posts in kodi forum and tvheadend support forum, seems related to language or EPG. Missing translation parts?

    Apparently not fixed yet, so here is my question: I was wondering if there is a "trick" to switch to Greek in entire kodi interface, BUT, keep using English in the affected part (HTSP client?)

    Maybe copy parts from english-language-files into the Greek version files? No idea where to start, any help would be welcome

    PS: Not helping much, but, here it is

    Is there a special build of tvheadend PVR, suitable for Amlogic builds? ( s905x MiniMX III 2.16 )
    Fresh installation, went fine, all smooth, (TVHeadend service installed fine too!) but PVR client addon installation crashes Kodi instantly, so, i thought, there must be some other build for those Amlogic boxes? :huh: