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    In qemu, you can load gpu bios from file by adding the info into the config xml.

    If ctrl alt f3 didn't work, but you know the ip, you can always ssh in. Enable ssh in the libreelec settings addon first.

    If you are passing through a gpu, you need the generic version. The virtual build is for a setup without a physical dedicated gpu, for testing and development purposes.

    Which file in which folder should I edit to enable ssh? I can also mount the virtual disk in my ubuntu VM, if the file is not visible in Samba.

    I'm not using Qemu but Vmware. Maybe the process will be the same?
    snailboy1: as you managed to pass through the video card in kvm, have you had to load GPU bios from file?

    I have tried CTRL+ALT+F3 but unfortunately without luck.
    However, despite the Generic version 7.0.2 or 7.0.3 claims to start X, I can see in dmesg log (got them through Samba) that for some reasons the video card bios ROM is unavailable/unreachable.

    Just for reference:

    It would be ideal, at least for me, to have all the drivers in the virtual release, so that I could try something more :)
    Anyway, I tried!

    Virtual is a developer tool used for basic functional and GUI testing. It supports vmware (we dropped vbox as it breaks with every kernel bump and nobody used it). Virtual has no AMD/Intel/nVidia drivers so you will not be able to do GPU passthrough in ESXi. If you wanted to do that you'd need create something custom that has both vmware things (else the OS won't boot) and the video drivers required.

    In a Generic/QEMU combo there should be a console on CTRL+ALT+F3 ..but it's not really a 'supported' configuration in the sense you won't find staff that know anything about running it, although we're aware it can be made to work.

    Thank you chewitt!
    That makes sense now.

    I can confirm that I'm able to boot the OS without any issues on my ESXi passing through the AMD video card using the Generic version.
    I will try to access the console and I was able to retrieve the IP assigned to the VM from my router and access the samba share, so I will try to look at the logs from there too.

    If you have any further suggestions, I'm happy to hear them :)

    The virtual build doesn't have an GPU drivers, it only has a vmware driver. So if you want to passthrough GPU's you'd have to use the Generic build

    I'm wondering why it doesn't have any GPU drivers.
    What's the real scope of the virtual build?
    I could get the development OVA to work but than I can only access Kodi via the VMWARE console.
    I have then tried to use 7.0.3 generic with my AMD Radeon 6450 in pass-through, which works perfectly with Windows 10.
    I don't see any failures and X claims to start, but at the same time I don't see anything on the HDMI output and I can't access the system by console to view logs/dmesg/xrand etc (it could be a very cool nice to have in order to debug these cases, if you can't even reach to enable ssh).

    Happy new year! :)