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    Updated image MXIII_Plus (20170608). Will probably be 4k. I have no such equipment, so I have not tested this possibility.

    No big deal, it's just a nice to have feature for future. Actually, I have no 4k content at the moment.

    Testresult... 4k still not working.

    Btw, a couple of month ago, I installed Wetek Core on the MX3plus (same CPU and GPU). Beside the sideload menu and IR remote was broken (bluetooth and wifi not tested, ethernet was ok), it run at 4k. Maybe this info helps to fix the problem.

    Ups, I think you're right. I"ve checked again and seems I mixed fastboot and adb sideload. I also cannot detect the device via linux and that's not at driver issue.

    So, could anyone please describe the whole procedure (step by step) how to put this libreelec versoin with crypton on M8S+ (original one with ap6330). M8S+ has 2/8Gb ram and 1000Mbit lan.

    First you should get familiar how to get into bootloader..

    e.g. Google toothpick for MX3 (I've no experience for M8S)

    Then you should have some experience about "fastboot"

    If this is all new to you, read read read...