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    I'm interested to try Raybuntus final leia24 build, but I see he has archived everything. Is there an easy way to still get one of the tar files so I could do a tar update?

    When I try locate it via the links I get the full repo on Github, but not the .tar or img.gz files? Would I have to compile them myself or is there an easy way?

    Thanks for this info.

    Would the 8.2.4 release from March 2018 be considered a downgrade and older than the November 2017 Krypton release from Raybuntu?

    I'm starting to wonder if I should just wait for Leia or even goto kazq's January build? I'm kind of struggling to figure out what the pros/cons are for being on discontinued community builds like raybuntu and kazq versus going back to the main official releases. I started on raybuntu's releases a long time ago to get onto Krypton and I never looked back until now.

    I have been using Raybuntu's Krypton builds for quite some time. I'd like to move back to the Krypton Official LE builds, but I'm not sure if that can even be done?

    I tried putting the latest 8.2.4 tar file into the update folder, but on reboot it throws the following error:

    Error: LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-8.2.4.tar is not compatible with Odroid_C2.arm hardware - update cancelled

    I suspect I might be out of luck for a simple update due to Raybuntu's krypton being some kind of arm fork? Or is there any easy way for me to get back into the main official releases?

    I'm a bit lost on this whole colour space thing. Maybe someone in this thread can help clear this up for me?

    I have an Odroid C2 and I'm currently using Raybuntu's last Krypton build. One of the problems I have is that I cannot playback video that has the color space chroma at anything other than 4:2:0. 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 playback audio, but I get no video.

    Would these new Leia Alpha builds potentially resolve that problem? I have a Samsung UHD TV that claims it is HDR, but I'm not sure that it is true 10-bit HDR. Mostly, I would just like to be able to playback some of these 4:4:4 videos I have even though I might not be getting true 10-bit HDR?

    Microsoft disabled guest accounts. Normally defining a user/passwd solves the issue. Also smb.conf changed. Make sure to clear old configs before defining new shares.

    any idea where this setting might be stored in Librelece. I backed up my config and reset LE and the samba share started working again, but (as expected) if I restore my backup it kills the samba share. I just can't seem to think of what file needs to be touched/updated to resolve this issue. It's not a dire problem, so I'm curious to see if I can fix it without nuking my configuration

    EDIT: OK, I decided to compare my .config folder before and after doing and LE reset and I noticed that after the reset there is no samba.conf file in .config and I had one in there for some reason. Perhaps from my earlier version of LE (maybe the wrxtasy Jarvis edition I started on). I deleted that samba.conf file and I'm back in business. Much easier than re-building the whole thing :)

    I'm using Raybuntu's latest 16.2 release on Odroid C2. I had it working fine just using guest access, but now I simply cannot get to the samba shares. It is asking for a user/pass and nothing that i try works. If change the settings in the Libreelece Settings > Services to requiring a password the Samba share disappears sometimes and/or it doesn't accept the user/pass that I define in those settings.

    I've tested it from 3 different computers on my internal LAN (one linux, and two Windows 10 machines) and none of them can access the samba share. So I'm confident it is not a client-side issue.

    All of a sudden I can't access the samba share on Libreelec on my Odroid C2. I can see the samba share, but it asks for a user and password when it never did before. If I try root/libreelec it doesn't work.

    If I go into the Libreelec settings and enable the password authentication setting then the samba share actually disappears.

    Everything else seems fine except for this issue that mysteriously appeared since the last time I checked a week or so ago?

    I'm really confused. I'm just moving over from OSMC and Geexbox to LibreELEC and the nano editor seems to behave much differently for me.

    I've tried the following via SSH

    nano /storage/.config/system.d/nfs.mount.sample

    The file appears to come up empty and I can't seem to navigate and edit or view it properly.

    If use vi it reads in correctly and the more command shows the text just fine. However, nano is not behaving at all as I expect. I would prefer to use nano as I haven't used vi in so long it is hard for me to remember the commands.

    I was expecting to simply see the file and navigate around and edit the file as I expected?