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    Thanks for the replies!

    Iridium yes, fresh install and restore.

    osen yeah, thought it was an issue with the UART frequency, the port was correct.

    Ended up giving up and going back to the C2, may try again later.




    I have a currently working setup using an Odroid C2, Arduino Uno and WS2801 LEDs.

    I'd like to replace the C2 using a PI3B+ i've just bought and thought it would be a simple swap.

    When I replace the C2 with the PI and pretty much the same config.json file - just changing the output to USB once Hyperion starts on bootup Instead of a rainbow swirl I get loads of random colours flashing away until I physically disable Hyperion.

    Here's my config - can anyone spot anything obvious? - I think it may have something to do with the rate, but don't know how to correct it.

    Help Please!


    Hi, I think you need to add this to the hyperion.config.json file :

    Note the lower priority on the framegrabber.
    I use this settings successfully but the leds are flickering ...

    Yeah, that is the problem i encountered originally which is why i used an Arduino clone to control the lights with a USB connection to the C2.
    Works great on Jarvis, but the serial module needed is missing from Krypton.
    Looks like SPI has apparently been sorted? - but i don't want to change my existing setup as it's a lot easier to unplug a USB than a bunch of wires ....:(