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    I was curious about some updates of my Beelink MiniMXIII II Android.

    But after the update LE from SD card does not boot and boots directly into Android.

    After using the toothstick I get this error message:

    cp: read error: Input/Output error
    *** Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: Could not mount /dev/SYSTEM
    ### Starting debugging shell... type exit to quit ###
    sh: can't access tty; job control turned of

    After this I tried a clean install via toothstick from another SD card which works.

    After inserting the old SD card LE is booting now instead of Android, but still getting the same error as before.

    I have found some threads on the WWW but no solution suits my issues.

    Any suggestions from you side?

    Thanks, pimpi (2016-12-18)
    Known issues:

    • WiFi driver may need to be reloaded after a reboot by manually toggling WiFi in LE Settings.

    Is there a possibilty to get fixed with a workaround? Maybe a script which disables and enables WiFi after startup?
    On my Mini MXIII II I have to do this manually after each boot.

    Kudos troggy! Great stuff!
    Worked for my Beelink Mini MXIII II with a Harmony 555.
    User has to be aware of that if the remote.conf isn't existing in /storage/.config nothing will work until the reboot. Or they have to execture the remotecfg command instead. No big deal.

    One question though:
    Is there a possibilty to map the "AudioNextLanguage"? I didn't find a keymap.xml on LE and on the Harmony if haven't found this command. Still figuring it out how this could work.