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    Hello balbes150,

    when i insert libreelec for m8s latest 17.6 from 22.01.2018 on usb and after i turn off later i cant turn on libreelec from usb and it show me on tv "no signal".I dont know what is problem...Can you fix that in future version for proper turn off/on for my box m8s s812 AP6330 .Thanks!

    Hi balbes150,

    can you make new script s805_autoscript for s812 m8s with bmc4335 wifi box with possibility to boot images from Alexelec.

    With his aml_autoscript i see only logo m8s when i try his image from usb-0 port.I ask Alex to make some fix in his image then i can use your latest universal boot script v05 with his image but i didnt get his answer yet about this problem .Thanks!

    Thanks stupin, will try that as soon as I found class 10 card.
    I suppose if this image is working fine from USB/SDCARD I could put it in box's memory?

    If is working on sdcard for you can install on nand if you like...i like android on nand and alexelec on sdcard....

    try this : Releases · AlexELEC/AlexELEC-AML · GitHub


    • Extract the image from the .gz file using 7zip.
    • Insert your USB Stick / SDcard into your system. It should appear with a new drive letter.
    • Run Win32DiskImager
    • Select the image file and verify the destination drive letter is correct, then click write.

    When it is finished, use Safe Remove in Windows before removing the USB stick or SDcard.

    To boot the system for the first time you have to use one of the following: toothpick method: disconnect the power supply, insert SD card, use a toothpick to push reset button and connect the power while holding the button. You will see android logo and release after that.Wait and box will reboot and you will see bootlogo from AlexElec and wait 2-3 min.

    I to je to....... full working latest krypton 17 RC3

    find sdcard class 10 becouse probably openelec dont boot with sloow sdcard


    thanks for help....yes it working on usb but on sdcard no...only blank screen...I have fast sdcard and prefer sdcard boot so maybe balbes150 can update universal multiboot for my m8s+ box..thanks again....

    i confirm for m8s+ is not working......

    Hello Balbes150,
    i download this 2 files and copy to sdcard.With toothpick i try activating multi-boot but i see only blinking logo for my m8s+ box...My sdcard is 16gb formated in fat32.

    This error is usually not associated with dtb.
    Perhaps bad media. You upgraded-boot to the latest version ?

    Activate the new multiboot. Older versions multiboot cannot work with new images (which use the script s905_autoscript

    Where can I found new boot script for S812 android box?

    Have you tried to run the existing images from the media in multi-boot mode ?

    Hello Balbes 150,
    This AlexELEC version is working on my m8s+ box....I run from SD CARD but it is older version.I need new version libreelec from you with kodi 17...Can you try build libreelec for my box ?Thanks!
    I try every your images but always it show pictures libreelec and show messages error: something like cant find FLASH/SISTEM ,job done...I think you need correct dbt and kernel to start libreelec on my S812 m8s+ box....Maybe you can extract from this AlexELEC version...

    Hello Balbes 150,

    I have m8s+ android box S812 and i activate dual boot for booting openelec from sd card.I found working version for my box on internet.It is AlexELEC version on this internet page: 1.0.1-20160404 – Google Drive.
    Can you make working latest librelec with kodi 17 for my m8s+ box from this AlexELEC version becouse it is older with kodi 15.2 inside???...Thanks!

    This is my box: M8S+ TV Box XBMC 1000M Ethernet-73.05 Online Shopping|