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    As wrxtasy got now all buttons of those aftermarket Xiaomi Bluetooth working (Thanx a lot for that again :)) I would like to solve one remaining thing which is not clear to me. Hope someone here can help out.

    Using that remote on the Wetek Hub with the Android TV ROM, I can perfectly power it off and start it booting from the remote. What is the missing peace in Libreelec to make this work at least on the devices supporting this, like the Wetek Hub or Wetek play 2?

    Shouldn't make a difference as far as I understood, the code in uboot is interpreting the infrared signal from the remote and boots up the Wetek, that shouldn't have had changed by using Libreelec?

    If someone could bring some light to this topic to me it would be really great :)

    Thanks so much for your support here :) It is really a great community!


    I would love to get my (the version with 2 AAA batteries) completely running, so that all buttons work, sadly the Kodi forum is down now, so can't check out the guide. Started with the script from wrxtasy, but still couldn't get all buttons work. There was an update on that thread, just can't now read it anymore. If someone has the 2x AAA version working with all buttons, maybe you can post your mapping here.

    Thanks for the support :)

    Decided to do a DIY because the Xiaomi Remote really deserves to get some LibreELEC lovin'

    It's the best simple remote I've ever used especially with Android TV on WeTek devices ! 8o

    Work in Progress - Connect Xiaomi Mi Box BT remotes to LibreELEC devices (click)

    Thanks for the support and I have to say its awesome in Android TV on the Wetek Hub, would love to get it running same way in Libreelec too, just that the context menu button is not working and unlike using it with Android TV ROM it doesn't wake up the box.

    Any chance to get this fixed?

    Thanks for your great support wrxtasy :)

    kszaq Thanks for your great work with this image. I'm using it on the Wetek Hub. Tried the Krypton version a couple of times, but not working as well as the Jarvis Version.

    The only problem I have is from time to time breaking sound, it simply has hickups. I don't know how to describe it better, especially on live tv. Any setting I can change or anything I can do about it? The Hub is connected directly to TV nd no passthrough is activated.

    Update: installed the Audio DSP basic addon, all strange breaks in Audio are gone, just that the Audio DSP basic addon does not stay enabled after reboot.


    You can follow this guide here (from the section labeled "Key Map") and the referenced link for a list of codes used in linux.
    Remember not to overwrite the conf file under /flash but to place your edited copy in /storage/.config then reboot for the system to load the configuration.

    Thanks for the quick reply :) That guide I already saw, but my buttons on the hub already work all out of the box, so there must be a file with all buttons configured, as also the mouse function is working properly. So where can I get this file from?

    Maybe I'm not understanding it completely, but I assume for the wetek the remote works out of the box, so there should be a preconfigured file, right?

    I'm using this build (version h) successfully on my two wetek hubs. Just wanted to know how I would modify the remote.conf so that that the mouse button is behaving like a play/pause key and not as a mouse trigger? I copied from /etc/amremote the wetek.conf to /storage/.config/remote.conf. Hope that is correct. but the mouse trigger buttons definitions inside the file are missing. Thre is only one key defined:

    How to proceed on this now to add the trigger button as play/pause? If someone could help me out here it would really be gerat :) Thanks a lot for your support here :)

    I am using your RC3 Image on my two Wetek Hubs and all is fine so far. I have just the problem, when the boxes are not used for some time (I'll keep them running) that when I turn on the TV again it takes some time for them do fast react on the remote input. After around some 20 seconds the reactions on the remote is fast again. What is the CPU governor on the Wetek in your image and is it changeable? Maybe if I set there a higher CPU governor it will react immediately....

    Thanks for your great Image and the great support here :)

    No Problem with Wetek Hub playing 1080p 23.976 H264 - H265 and Autoframerate is very stable. A very good Device with kszaq's builds