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    I've been quite happy with this build except for the shifting subtitles but that's fixed, right? I do have a few VC-1 files and they don't play well. Lots of stuttering, just..not good.
    I also notice that the refresh rate switching does not work all the time and not accurately but I guess I'll have to get used to that because only 60,50,and 25 are supported not 59.97, 29.675 and 23.95 (or something close to those 3) unlike the RPi who supports them all. I miss that but it's still a great build.

    This is the remote.conf file that I used on almost all boxes except MiniMX and Mini MXIII. Please note that the 'Mouse' key became the 'Return' key.

    Why don't you use them on those 2 boxes? Because I try all kinds of ways to make it work and fail. Is that mandatory?

    Since I have a Enigma2 Remote from my Wetek Play I´d like to use that for my Beelink MinimxIII II 2GB 32GB.
    I tried by putting the remote.conf file below in the config folder, rebooted it but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?