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    I own both Beelink, 16 & 32 Gb version.

    Both working fine at 4k and HDR

    But I´m running LE from SD card, there is no advantage installing internal

    I own a Beelink 32 GB version and I agree.

    Also, there is indeed no advantage in installing it on external.

    I did once because android annoyed me but that situation has been reversed.

    BobFlyer The remote.conf is for the included remote.

    You can approach the SMB folders in libreelec by using the windows run box [windows key+ r] and type \\libreelec\

    if it's in your network. There's a folder called config (or config files) in which you can just past the remote.conf.

    If there already is a remote.conf make a back-up. That's all I have for you. Good luck.

    output of dmesg, lsmod and lsusb

    Results of the lsmod

    Module Size Used by

    wlan 3449357 0

    fuse 80171 2

    cfg80211 365310 1 wlan

    8021q 19119 0

    wifi_dummy 806 0

    mali 198544 5

    amlvideodri 12618 0

    videobuf_res 5402 1 amlvideodri

    videobuf_core 16491 2 amlvideodri,videobuf_res

    videodev 147074 1 amlvideodri

    media 25231 1 videodev

    dwc_otg 232319 0

    fbcon 37495 0

    bitblit 4484 1 fbcon

    softcursor 1184 1 bitblit

    font 7287 1 fbcon

    No bluetooth.

    I checked. It has not been enabled in earlier builds too.

    Aha, I see where this might have been a miscommunication. I was talking about Netflix 1080p as did TheCondor. Not IPTV..that works fine.

    I'll still try that buffer though.

    can you try enabling or disabling audio passthrough also disable sync playback to display

    My setup is with passthrough enabled but I'll disabled it. I never use "sync playback to display" only "switch refresh rate". I'll report after this.

    After testing the problem is still there, after a few seconds or after motion in the video the sound is out of sync. I'm using Leia-test-20-09.

    Thanks. I'll go sit down now.;)

    BB2 has wifi antenna, so maybe reception is better, but I don't know if Libreelec wifi driver is available.

    I have a Beelink MiniMX III II that lacks Widevine Level 1 support but does have excellent wifi and bluetooth. I also have a MECOOL M8S Pro+ which does have Widevine Level 1 and plays Netflix superbly but no bluetooth and crappy wifi.

    It's like they are doing this on purpose. I'm done though and won't buy another media player, just a good remote (which is quite a query too).

    Only thing on my list I'd really like to have is smooth playing of Hi10P 1080p media. Impossible for now.