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    Tried to solve the audio issues for a few hours now............can see that chrome args are parsed to \bin\chrome-start as ALSA_DEVICE env.

    So basically same as ver. 59

    1. if [ ! -z $ALSA_DEVICE ]; then
    2. chrome_OPTS="$chrome_OPTS --alsa-output-device=$ALSA_DEVICE"
    3. fi

    Have tried to bypass with custom audio device set to





    But nothing happens - I recall my AVR flickering/negotiating when previous Chrome is being opened

    Can we rule out, that this have something to do with Kodi 18? Can we compile/test the addon against ver. 8.2?

    Alternative figure out by commandline which audio output Chrome is actually using?

    Would love to see this working again(The kids are "Netflix-a-holics")


    Thanks for trying to help:) - but then I have been lucky for around 5 years across multiple PCs and TVs..........that's a pretty good streak.:D

    There must be some kind of bug here, hence this method is working just fine in any official release.

    The weird thing is, that TV is showing KODI as HDMI source, but AVR cannot negotiate any HDMI signal after it starts.

    Changing the HDMI channel or re-connecting the HDMI cable does nothing at all.....Only reboot works.

    Prior to AVR starting up I do see the BIOS picture - but as soon as AVR starts = no HDMI.......i'll try to upload a video on youtube.


    Looks like it fails.....Agree?

    Looking at from ver 59, olehenrikj does parse some extra args(alsa_param) to chrome in line 89 + 91

    1. alsa_param = '--alsa-output-device=' + alsa_device

    1. chrome_params = window_mode.get(__addon__.getSetting('WINDOW_MODE')) + ' ' + \
    2. raster_mode.get(__addon__.getSetting('RASTER_MODE')) + ' ' + \
    3. gpu_accel_mode + ' ' + \
    4. alsa_param + ' ' + \
    5. args + ' ' + \
    6. __addon__.getSetting('HOMEPAGE')
    7. + 'chrome ' + chrome_params, shell=True, env=new_env)

    Could this be the fix for getting default sound working?


    CvH : YEEEEEAH! 8)8)8) - Playback works in Netflix again.

    But no sound:/ at all in browser - something you can fix?

    olehenrikj did some hack on making sound work by default in his ver. 59:



    - hacked away pulseaudio compatibility because chrome does not accept ALSA when pulseaudio for bluetooth is running in background in LibreElec.

    Would also be very interesting to put the source code in a repo incl. README on how to fix/rebuild chrome whenever functionality breaks.


    • Full hardware specs (GPU is most important)
      • NUC7i5BNH - Intel HD Graphics 640
    • The LibreELEC version you are running ('latest' is not a version number)
      • LibreELEC release: Generic.x86_64-devel-20180605043720-#0604-g01391bb
    • In most cases a full debuglog
      • Attached
    • Tell us the complete steps how to face the issue, so we can try to reproduce

    1) Power on PC at the same time with AVR and TV(NUC->AVR->TV via HDMI)

    2) Intel BIOS Boot screen is shown

    3) PC loses signal somewhere around the HDMI initialization with TV/AVR and never returns(AVR just blinks for HDMI connection).

    Above power scenario have worked in all previous Libreelec 7 & 8 version(Latest) - but Kodi 18 Testbuilds have some issues here.

    Temporary workaround resolution: Reboot LibreELEC by SSH or power off/on Intel NUC(ONLY)

    Have attached both logfiles for 1st Boot(Power) with No HDMI signal(timestamp 20.27) and a reboot with HDMI signal working(timestamp 20.35)

    toasterboy1 : Do you still have a working Chromium and Netflix on ver. 64 - If so, can you please provide a solution?

    If working - What libwidevine version are you using?

    Just get an error, when trying to play a any Netflix video


    Not even ver. 63 Chromium is working with Netflix...................damn this is getting annoying on a stability factor!

    Although Kodi (And libreelec) are promoting DRM content, it is still stugling hard to support just basic platforms like Netflix!

    Happily had Netflix working on x86 platform for more than 2 years, and now it just goes haywire.

    if LibreELEC and KODI should have anything on their roadmap..........Support MAJOR DRM content providers!!!

    Fine to see a Netlfix plugin in a future Kodi 18/LibreELEC 9(waiting for almost 1 year now)..........but what about at least backporting an alpha/beta state option to Kodi 17/Libreelec 8 - Netflix is non-accesible at all just now(Althoug largest streamong provider!?)

    Anyways.........must tell my kids to use the Android TV OS box for now with the Netflix app......Kodi/LibreELEC only supports local content for now.

    Sorry for complaining...........but WAF has the upper hand here:-)


    I'm in contact with the package maintainers now and I'm quite sure the changes will be in the official addon soon.

    Any news on this?

    Neither V. 55 nor v. 59 is working with Netflix...........trying ver. 63 now(fingers crossed).

    I can't run LibreELEC without Netflix! - Both kids love Netflix......Then I'm off to Android OS.

    Will happily assist with support maintaining support and testing repo and addon support.


    Netflix is now dead in both official v55 Chromium and unofficial v. 59 Chrome addon.

    Can anyone confirm that v. 63 chrome addon posted in this thread is working?

    If so, any chance of pushing their fix into official Repo?

    Kids are crawling in the curtains here!


    Netflix verified working here on x86 with olehenrik version 59 of Chromium found here:


    1) Remove official version 55 of Chromium - It is no longer working!

    2) Install OleHenrik's unofficial version 59 of Chromium

    If the installaiton fails - Please ensure you run the zip from local drive - I had issues installing directly from my NAS.

    Somebody please officially fix Chromium in LibreELEC 8!.


    What version of LibreELEC and Chromium are you running?

    I get both "Aw snap" and Netflix fails to load(seems to missing widevine plugin) on 8.1.2(can't remember chromium version on top of my head - But around 55 or 56)


    Hi LibreELEC community.

    My 2 x LibreELEC installations on x86 hardware no longer works with Chromium browser and Netflix.

    This have worked totally fine before - I have just last week upgraded to 8.1.2 - So not sure if this upgrade can be the root cause or a new version of chromium!?

    Anyone still have a working Netflix setup on LibreELEC?

    P.S When look in in chrome://components/ - I do no longer see the Widevine plugin - And If I reinstall the addon or try to install within the addon, it installs fine, but is not available in the list.


    Anyone having issues with Chromium on LibreELEC 8.1.2?

    Min keeps chrashing over and over again - And with the 8.1.2 update Netflix = dead!

    It seems that widevine is no longer installed!?