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    Hey I have been searching the forums but can't seem to find the "Widevine" instructions that used to be posted on the 1st page. We are still using 32bit libraries correct?? I did a clean install and wanted to apply it again but can't find the script/commands.


    Not sure it's related but stormrev's few post back reminds me to check the Android firmware version in addition to the processor revision. Both boxes (M18 and MX64) that have boot issues are on firmware 106L1. My MiniMX (processor rev 020b) of which I didn't find boot issue is on firmware 107L1. My Mini MXIII (s905 rev 020c 2G/8G) of which temperature sensor reading was available with kszaq's Krypton build on Dec 4 also on 107L1 (MINI MXIII_107L1 Apr 25 2016).

    I can't find firmware version newer than 106L1 for my M18 or MX64, hence I can't say whether it's the underlying cause of boot issue.

    Here is version 108L1 if you were wondering (still has the boot isue):



    replace hXXPs with https

    S905 MRX box running M18/MX64 108L1 Android firmware. When I turn my box to boot LE on sdcard, I get the first "google" picture , it then dissapears, but instead of the LE logo appearing, the google boot image reaapears and the box gets stuck here. You need to unplug the power and try again. It works for me on average 1/4 boots.

    Oh I so thankful I'm not the only one experiencing this. I feel like it started for me, right around the time of the 32 bit ARM builds were introduced. I've tried clean installs, and even tried reflashing android firmware, in case that had something to do with it.

    I look forward to trying these LE versions and getting back to you with the results.

    Thanks for all your incredibly hard work 'kszaq'!! These boxes would SUCK without you and others contributions.

    Pleasure to be here and take part in this community!

    Just a quick question regarding VP9 and s905. I downloaded a video through VLC from YouTube (no re encoding or converting) I am now playing it on my s905 and I took a peek @ the codec info window by hitting "o" on the keyboard. It says the codec is "ff-vp9".

    How is this possible? I was under the impression only the s905x and s912 can play vp9. Anyways, maybe someone can help explain this?

    Greatly appreciated guys!