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    I'm trying to get this to boot on a MXQ Pro 4k device with 1gb ram and an S905X chip.

    Extracted the image (using dd), tried a few device trees already to an SD card, inserted into device, rebooted via

    the toothpick method -> end up in recovery

    reboot recovery -> and up in recovery

    reboot update -> reboots

    I've also tried on a USB stick, no difference... what magic is needed to get this to boot the USB/SD?

    I've been using Libreelec (and kodi) for ages on my Pi3, works fine - but underpowered for 10bit content. I've gotten a Minix U-9H box, running Libreelec too (community build).

    I noticed quite a bit of video stuttering (audio remains fluent) on the Minix box, and after investigating, it seems that doing refresh rate switching fixes this.

    Strangely enough, I didn't have refresh rate switching switched on on my Pi3, and here I don't have any stuttering.

    I know they're two completely different platforms, but any ideas how this might be? I've checked all other parameters, they're identically configured on both instances of Kodi (17.6).

    Problem is that doing a resolution switch is slow (on my TV it takes a few).


    I'm using Libreelec 7.0.2 on a rpi2. additionally running some containers with extra software (jackett/sonarr/...)

    For some reason, I'm getting intermittent network issues on the device. It just stops replying to pings for several seconds, then it replies for a while, stops, ...
    I've tried rebooting the device, rebooting the switch it's on, rebooting the router that that switch connects to, but sofar I haven't been able to pinpoint the reason.
    This showed up somewhere in the last few months - sofar it hasn't bothered me enough to eg. reinstall, but it's starting to get annoying. (hence my post)

    When booting the rpi2 with another sdcard (with raspian on it), the device reacts as it should.

    Anyone have any idea what I could be missing that could cause these issues?

    Thanks in advance.