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    Has anyone been able to get .006 working on MiniMX (bear startup logo, 2 USB ports) on USB ? It doesn't work for me and I've tried both USB ports and the correct device tree. Thanks. kszaq any ideas please ?

    When not certain about external storage state, you can always consider to run filesystem checks on its partitions.
    Note that 2nd partition is ext4 so you may need a Linux computer to fsck it. Or maybe Windows and MaxOSX can file system check ext4 partitions too. ...

    Its all fine. Partitions fine, card fine. Just no good for LibreElec on my box. Its fine on a PC doing other things. I also have another one and that gives same freeze issues. I'd like to get the USB install working on my box, any ideas ?

    Cannot get .006 to boot past teddy-bear screen with USB (with and without holding in button with pin) and I am using MiniMX. I can get it to work on SD card but, as with all builds I have tried, I get random freeze ups. Therefore, and unfortunately, I'm unable to use LibreElec on my box as I dont wont to destroy the NAND. What to do ? Dont know, tried everything I think. Oh and yes I did try both USB slots (only 2 on this box) and I did use the correct dtb.img (which is the one that works for the SD card).

    Have you manage to do something with this issue?
    I have the same thing on my MXQ Pro Quick Play with build installed on NAND.
    I can't even use KODI in [email protected] Only [email protected] Switching to 1080p makes screen look like from your photo and I have to wait until system restores previous one.
    If I choose video that is in 1080p then it plays in background and there's nothing I can do - no button on remote is working and only thing that can be done is to unplug DC cable. 720p videos works fine.

    I suggested (in post 385, above) to try this (but didn't see any response back to see if it worked or not), perhaps it might work for you ? ...
    Try turning off "Adjust display refresh rate" under settings/video/playback.

    Try turning off "Adjust display refresh rate" under settings/video/playback.

    Hi Jed
    Resolution and refresh rate are 2 different subjects/options here. Go into Kodi settings and turn off adjust display refresh rate to match movie. I may or may not be right but without really knowing your TV's capabilities i am guessing the refresh rate changes to match the video but the tv cannot play the movie or stream that the tv cannot display.
    There are settings to sync to display but just google about these settings in kodi.
    Good luck.

    Hi Kostaman, thanks so I've done a little more looking with this and so the setting that does (or doesn't) allow the switching is under Settings/Video/Adjust Display Rate and so if I disable that then of course it is fine as no switching occurs and the TV stays on 720P. If I leave it in its default 'On start stop' setting then with 720P TV resolution in place it will switch to [email protected] and so it changes *both* resolution and refresh rate.

    So I went back to Android and of course I couldn't get the feature to work there and so whilst in Android I changed Display Resolution to [email protected] and then went back to LibreElec and tried the same things again and this time it switched from [email protected] to [email protected] without corruption and artifacts of the previous screen. So all fixed one might say but I would still have liked to be able to have the TV in 720P resolution and have it switch in and out of the movie resolution and refresh rate, as intended. I dont know if that is possible I hope @kszak will be able to tell me. But I think it is significant that it is the switching from 720 to 1080 that causes the artifact of the previous [email protected] screen to overlay the [email protected] movie and that it is not the switch from 60Hz to 24Hz, in itself, that is the problem (since it is fine going from [email protected] to [email protected] and back again).

    Also your point that resolution and refresh are 2 different subjects/otions might be true in reality but for the purposes of the setting mentioned above, both are impacted together from this single setting. Interestingly if the TV is set at 1080 there is no switching down for a 720 (or lower) movie, the resolution part of the switching only works in the upward direction, from a TV 720 setting up to a movie 1080 setting. Once the TV is set (in Android) to 1080 then that seems to be where it stays (but does change in refresh rate to 24Hz most of the time).

    For completeness, I attach a dump of the setting I am talking about.

    I am having the same video corruption issues as posted above by Deezel when it switches resolution (from 720p to [email protected] for example). It seems to overlay the previous screen (multiple times like the pictures above) but the movie is still playing fine (and supported by the TV) behind these glitchy screens. My TV is a Samsung with 720p 60Hz resolution but capable of [email protected] (but not at 50 or 60Hz -it would need to be 1080i at those freqs).

    I have tried disabling autoswitching of resolution in android but it makes no difference. I actually don't want to disable auto-switching, I'd like it to work without these artifacts - is this going to be possible ?


    Mini-MX with 003 SD-Card version it often freezes the box just clicking around in the kodi interface. Back to android for now unfortunately. The good news was that it seemed fine other than that, with auto-switching of frame rate and even the LED did the right thing :-)

    I don't have any S812 nor S905 boxes and I'm pretty happy with how my S805 box works so no plans from me. There are some OE builds for S905 boxes available on the internet and I know that there is Odroid C2 support coming for LibreELEC.

    I went quiet on the Freaktab forum for S805 as I actually moved over to a S905 (mini-MX) box and it seems quite a lot more responsive than the S805 (all black) was. I tried it on OpenElec and it worked but there was a freezing issue and not the level of support that kszaq provides on the S805. I actually ended up going back to the stock Android (Lolipop) so that I could run both Kodi and SPMC with different builds. I could not have tolerated stock Android (Kitkat) on the S805 so it shows how things have moved on in a short time. If the S905 was supported by kszaq I would come back to LibreElec/OpenElec in a heartbeat. You guys here are so lucky ! :-)