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    Just friendly notice for all users who was happy with kszaq's build and missed his releases badly. I had hard time with the continued LE releases ie. reboots the box when 4k video was opened etc... I have switched to coreelec and cannot be happier. Great support, releases with splendid changelogs, no more test1, test2, 1000nits gamble. K1 plus combo working great with tuner, no more headaches with LE. I really encourage you to switch.

    fresonpower thanks.


    I do not get one thing. Regarding your fix for removed pts based frame rate tracking. I thought that the fix was about setting "frame rate fallback" which was newly introduced or fixed by you in your "devel-201710311040" and So to fix the stuttering problem should I have frame rate fallback set as disabled or to value specific to my region (50fps) ? My logic tells me that I should override this to specific value, since the fps from pts has been removed. But @frensonpower wrote that this fix worked for him as he had this frame rate fallback to disabled. horfee wrote that he must had set it to 50Hz.

    So which option is effective to fix the problem in the first place ?

    I did tried both (disabled, 50Hz) and I got stuttering anyway, only after much longer period that in Recorded file during the stutter/artefacts plays just fine without issues. Thanks for clarifying this.


    Checked with and fallback frame disabled... works!

    No stuttering.

    Many thanks

    Could you please test one Live TV for longer time period ? For me indeed fixed the short-time period Live TV playback. But after hour-two or so on one HD channel the video goes mad. FPS dropdown, decoding artefacts. If I switch the channel, it is good again for some time.

    jirkan  Ftelf , what about the tempteratures and SD card you are using? Had similar issues randomly, and it was caused by SD card (used quite often recording), I'm on KII Pro using DVB-S as primary and DVB-C as fallback (built in tuner), additional USB DVB-T as an fallback of the fallback :) no issues with struttering now.

    PS: using same provider as Ftelf for DVB-S

    Installed on eMMC, timeshift on external HDD. I'm running this as primary DVB-S2 receiver for aver a year now. This problems started just after update to or at least I did started to notice it just after that. I have swapped the stock heatsink with much larger one, attached small 10x10x7mm fan. CPU temp is never over 60degC.

    I have exactly same problem in the live tv, observed from, maybe it was present earlier, but not sure. But the did not fixed it for me. In it starts to stutter after some 10-30 minutes of channel playback. Yesterday we have watched a FHD movie with After hour or so it started to stutter badly, fps dropdown, decoding artefacts, much worse than in, only later. Today I have checked the forum and this thread. Mine fallback frame option was disabled. Nothing interesting in the logs.

    ello. I have KII Pro (s905) with latest kszaq´s libreelec ( Tvheadend 4.2.5 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.113.

    In live TV there is every 5 - 8 minutes small lag (artefacts and sound distortion) for 1 - 2 seconds. I use dvb-s tuner.

    Does anybody has similar issue?

    K1 Pro Combo, using DVB-S and T2 internal tuner for more than a year now. Introducing with (not sure exactly) but greatly magnified with latest I got frequent artefacts, stuttering, fps decrease in live TV. After reboot, the TV plays very nicely, but after hour or so, it became to behave badly more and more frequently, every some tens of seconds the FPS decrease to about 2-5 FPS, video stuttering also occurs. Every few seconds the frame disassembles itself to mosaic of artefacts.




    If I record the stream and plays it on PC, it plays just fine.

    Nothing special in kodi.log. Only occasional:

    20:34:56.452 T:3660608416 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

    But I'm used to rebuffering every few minutes since beginning.

    afl1 That freezing/rebooting/video-stall issue seems really like TVH problem. I have installed the kzaq's, left your custom TVH installed. Two hard freezes in a row after few hours, but the second time, there is something in the log.

    Today I have reverted to TVH from repo and we'll see. Perhaps I should leave a tvh ui with logging open to have a live tvh log.


    After "update" TVH to HTS Tvheadend 4.2.3-20 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112

    Kodi did not froze or restart itself during the night of live TV on.

    TVH log


    I'll let it on during the day to eliminate any possibility for broadcast pause during the night, but the program says, there is no pause.

    Well I have hard freeze in few hours on live TV on those two last devel builds. The normal 8.1.10 just crash the live TV to the LE menu, but those devels freeze the video, sometimes with buffering icon (10% last time). Not sure how long does it take. If I left it on since morning, it's stuck in the afternoon/evening. Nothing in logs. SSH is dead, ping works, strange. Happened about 3 times on LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-devel-201710121457-gd562e8e-I and two times on LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-devel-201710231024-gd562e8e-I. Never survived night with live TV on either.

    This is only test build, trying modify video decoding to improve LiveTV playback.

    How often appears freezing? When appears freeezing. Are you using SD card to boot LE?

    LE is in installed in eMMC. Live TV from dvb-s2, HDD in external usb with permanent timeshift. CPU has mini fan to keep cool.

    I've been using 8.1.9 for a long time, usually I do not power device off, leaving it on live TV. So far I did not experienced such hard freezes, no UI response, no ssh (did not tried ping).

    Have been using 8.1.10 for few days (freezing might be present, but I can't tell either).

    Just the next day after I have installed LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-devel-201710121457-gd562e8e-I. It was locked next morning. So power off/on, left overnight and also another freeze. Now I'm on 8.1.10 to evaluate.

    Hi, I'm using K1 plus Combo both internal satellite and terrestrial tuners actively. Have been using afl1's 8.0 builds for a long time. I have always observed that some DVB-S2 transponders are scanned twice with a frequency fraction difference. ie. I can see muxes 12109H and 12109.5H, both with 20 scanned services with the same parameters, both plays nicely the same content. Some can be scanned correctly only for the fractional one, like 11914H is scan failed while 11914.5H is OK with 37 services. My satellite is Astra 3B 23.5E. I have used to live with that, but now I have bought second box and installed LE 8.1.8 and I can see some behavoir differences. The fractional muxes remains, but there is also some dupes like 12343.5H, both scanned OK, but one with 21 services and the second with 22 services. Does somebody else have same "problem" ? Any suggestion how to overcome this ? Right now I'm just setting the other mux as Ignored.


    Tvh log is boring, nothing special:


    2017-09-22 19:00:28.610 mpegts: 12343.5H in DVB-S Network - tuning on Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0

    2017-09-22 19:00:28.647 epggrab: 12343.5H in DVB-S Network - registering mux for OTA EPG

    2017-09-22 19:00:28.659 subscription: 00E8: "scan" subscribing to mux "12343.5H", wei*ht: 5, adapter: "Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-S #0", network: "DVB-S Network", service: "Raw PID Subscription"

    2017-09-22 19:00:41.832 mpegts: 12343.5H in DVB-S Network scan complete

    K1 Plus combo, using internal DVB-S2 and T2 for live TV.

    I have just upgraded from afl1 8.0.2c to kszaq 8.0.2e. For the first time I had a system freeze. No ssh, no www. But ping works. In about 8 months I have been using this box I had only few freezes where I could restart frontend from ssh.

    My CPU has a larger heatsink with a fan, so no thermal issues. But it could be random, yestarday it was online for several hours.