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    Probably you have SSV6051Q WiFi. Until I get a working driver source it's not going to work. Both box and chip manufacturer have not responded to my multiple e-mail requests.

    I appreciate your efforts and help on this, hoping they get back to you... if you think it will help those of us that have them PM your address and Ill send you a box to play with...


    Don't worry about CPU2 and 4 stuck at some value, this is a bug in how CPU load is reported with hotplug governor - when the reading is stuck, it means that CPU core is turned off to save power. It'll power back on when necessary.

    We're getting a little bit closer to making your WiFi chip work, please try this build: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160522205800-r22955-gce3a3fa.tar

    Ok its booting faster but still has no signal on WiFi. Log files are attached, Thank You.


    OpenElecCrazy Here's another test build for you, I hope you haven't got fed up with testing: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160522020409-r22955-gce3a3fa.tar

    Kszaq, nope thats the fun part. Thank you for not getting fed up and being so supportive to everyone. All you guys that spend the time to develop fixes and make OpeneElec/LibreElec happen for these boxes are awsome!

    Ill give it a try and report back!

    Kszaq, I loaded the new firmware and now the box reboots without red led and dosent require power reset. Also I noticed that CPU core 2 and 4 were frozen and were not cycling as 1 and 3. The wifi is the same as before, just an empty screen for connections until I plug in the hardwire. Log file for review attached...


    Thank you for reporting. It's a bit hard to make the driver work when I have some third-party source with no guarantee that it works and no box to check it. From your log I can see that the driver has not been loaded correctly. I have changed the driver configuration a bit. Can you please try this build: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160521013322-r22955-gce3a3fa.tar

    Thank you for the very quick responce.

    I copied the tar over to the update folder via SSH and rebooted and I had the same results. Here is the log file after reboot.


    I managed to find a firmware with ssv6051q drivers and I no longer need you to post these files. Please test this build - you need to boot from your existing SD card intall and upgrade using this file: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160520133017-r22954-gde0005c.tar

    I copied the tar over to the update folder via SSH and rebooted. I had no indication of a wireless signal iunder LibreElec/Connections menu. I reset LibreElec to defaults and rebooted going through the startup setup and again had no WiFi signal. I connected my wired line, connected and downloaded a log file for your review. Thank you for your continued efforts!


    kszaq, I'm booted/running LE from SD with Android on nand. After LE booted I SSH'd the box and tried the last code and it gave me the following? Am I supposed to insert the filename somewhere in this string?

    LibreELEC:~ # find /tmp/system -name ssv\* -exec cp {} ~/downloads/ssv
    find: -exec requires an argument

    This means that CEC driver works well and there is a bug in libcec-daemon... not really my field of expertise. Unless there's some updated version of libcec-daemon available, I won't be able to make it work with your TV.

    OpenElecCrazy: I need to get ssv6051-sw.bin and ssv6051-wifi.cfg from your Android firmware.

    You can extract them to Downloads samba share by booting to LE and executing the following commands:

    mkdir -p ~/downloads
    mkdir -p ~/downloads/ssv
    mkdir /tmp/system
    mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    find /tmp/system -name ssv\* -exec cp {} ~/downloads/ssv/
    umount /tmp/system

    Will do but it will be on friday as Im out of town. Dont think I could talk my wife into trying that...LOL


    Thank you for the logs. You seem to have an unknown SDIO WiFi chip that doesn't even show in the logs. Can you tell me what is the Realtek chip you have on your board? And can you also give me a result for cat /sys/bus/sdio/devices/*/device && cat /sys/bus/sdio/devices/*/vendor? I think you may have 8189FTV chip and there's no driver for it in my builds (yet).

    Ok here are some photos. Ill get the other files next...

    Thank You!

    Sorry, it's my mistake: I thought that LibreELEC Wiki instructs to provide all the logs, not only Kodi log... Here's what you need to do:

    • reboot your box or turn off the power completely and power the box
    • if you can access Samba shares (Windows shared folders), go to \\box_IP\Logfiles - there will be a log file that you need to give me
    • if you're unable to access the share, you can also SSH to the box, execute createlog and download zip file with logs over SFTP from /storage/logfiles

    I'll update the first post accordignly. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Ok cool I think I have what you need, I have added all the logs that were in the folder. I have "Blue" MXQ_S805_V3_1_20151230 and the box is currently running M201D SD IMG. I do not see any wireless connection in the connections tab under LibreElec. Looking at my board my WiFi chip is labeled SV60510_TUB5T_4S41, eMMC chip SKhynix_H27UCG8T2ETR_BC_612A. Please let me know if you need anyhting else.

    Kodi log has no information on WiFi. Please collect the logs according to instruction in the first post.

    kszaq, Ive tried again following the instructions on first post but each time it only captures this info. I turn the box on, connect it to my routers LAN port so I can SSH with Putty. I capture the log file by teminal "pastebinit /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log" then copy from explorer and Its the same capture each time? I get no WiFi signal with OE or LE but it works fine with Android. Do I need to get some info with it running on Android first? Is LE not reconizing my WiFi chip?

    Please let me know if Im missing a step...

    Thank you, Frank

    kszaq, I was able to boot all versions of your last but I do not have working WiFi. When LE boots I have no WiFi signals during the setup phase. Wired LAN works great. I have MXQ_S805_V3_1_20151230 blue board and I have included a logfile for your review and help. The box is currently running MXQ SD

    The box runs very well and movies play smooth. Thank you for your hard work getting LE to run on our boxes...