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    Done some more test on deinterlace on/off, and it looks like it only effects the streams coming through TVHeadEnd on my KI pro.

    DVB-T streams are slowmo, and IP streams are "stuttering".

    Later on I'll do some test with debug logging and see if something is logged.

    In my experience, with the last devel, MP3, FLAC, AAC 2.0 and AAC 5.1 work well when i play them for the first time after i boot the box, but if i play something else, say a 720p movie with dolby digital 5.1 and then play music MP3, FLAC or a movie with AAC 5.1 the sound is slow down. The only way to play them correctly is to reboot the box.

    Adam keep up the good work.

    Have you disabled deinterlacing in system settings or "echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all" in

    If so, this might cause such problems.

    A short status on the last devel:

    AAC 2.0 problems seems to be fixed.

    Dobly Atmos failed to play 2 times, after stopping the video and starting it again, it worked fine. (i'll test some more.)

    Chroma upscaling is bad.

    Disabling deinterlacing makes streams/DVB play slowmo and/or jumpy. But chroma upscaling is good.

    Every thing else, Excellent ;)

    I had installed 8.90.6 on minix u1 and all sorts of playback issues, went back to previous build and was fine. Now I have updated to the latest dev build and all the playback issues seem to have been sorted. The only thing I notice is that I can’t set my screen to 4K (inside libreelec) and 2160p files also don’t load, aside from that, it’s been v good.

    I'm running the latest dev, and I have no problems with 4k.

    You can try to set channels to 5.1, and if it starts to get buggy again after a while, switch back to 2.0 and then back to 5.1. Works for me, but i'm using HDMI.

    This is what I mean by adjusting the screen. Did it for 50Hz and 60Hz, switching from one to the other afterwards results in a not fitting screen.

    Is it only me? Then I guess it is my Samsung TV...there is a "fit to screen" setting which is set to "auto"...

    I have a Samsung, and mine is set to 16:9 standard, and fit to screen = on (not auto).

    But it also occurs if I restart the box without turning of the TV. I was thinking this would indicate the fault to be with the box. Is there any reason I should not trust the box telling it's correct refresh rate?

    Otherwise I will check the TV settings but they are unchanged since ever, but maybe some auto settings get something wrong...

    You should also check System->Display->Video calibration in Kodi. I think these settings are stored for each resolution/hz.

    I Think this has to do with your TV settings. Check your TV menu for Picture Size etc... :)

    As a temporary solution change default refresh rate to DVB TV refresh rate and you don't see this issue at start.

    For me refresh rate set to 50Hz and iptv works without this bug.

    This issue occurs only for refresh rate switching.

    If it doesn't solve you problem than it possible DVB has another issue

    I Can confirm that Disabling "Adjust display refresh rate" solves the problem.

    Why incompatible? The future is mainline but that's still 1 or 2 years away from running okay'ish. Kszaq has put in a lot of effort into fixing his Kernel. LE Kernel has some issues and it will take a lot time to fix it probably. Either way will work it just depends how much time it will consume. 3.14 is limited anyway.

    Don't know what he means with "incompatible", But the future is forward, not backwards ;)