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    sorry to reply to my own post but ;)

    additional info now that i am back connected to the box:

    running udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/* gives me:

    P: /devices/http://d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1

    E: DEVPATH=/devices/http://d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1

    E: DRIVER=bcmsdh_sdmmc

    E: MODALIAS=sdio:c00v02D0dA9A6

    E: SDIO_CLASS=00

    E: SDIO_ID=02D0:A9A6

    E: SUBSYSTEM=sdio

    E: SYSTEMD_WANTS=brcmfmac_sdio-firmware-aml.service

    E: TAGS=:systemd:


    googling the SDIO_ID leads me to AP6212 (Wifi - whch seems to be the std wifi chip for the box, despite the markings when i opened it up.

    i have attached the log when the wifi disappears, interesting stuff happens in the system.log at 1412:09. box is right next to the router.

    hope this helps, sorry, am a bit lost with how to fix. box runs great over LAN on LE.


    Not sure that this is the best place to post but here goes.

    I too own a MiniM8s II 2/16/100 and installed the device tree above and thought everything was ok. I then flashed internal as i have done with many boxes including the same model.

    However after a few minutes the wifi completely disappears as the wifi tuns off. I reverted back through all the LE builds but same behaviour. I was looking into finding a stock rom when i found out that other users were bricking their devices by doing this.

    After 3 days of research i find out that the manufacturer has completely redone the internals without changing the model name in the last month. This includes the wifi chip. The board is called a D4X16 and the wifi is AW-NB197SM. A few people over at Freaktab have nutted this out this week. If you flash to android using an older stock rom you will brick it.

    relevant links:

    working mod rom: Bricked "Mini M8S II" (Clone?) - Looking for help with NAND-pin -

    stock Rom: Bricked "Mini M8S II" (Clone?) - Looking for help with NAND-pin -

    images and drama: Bricked "Mini M8S II" (Clone?) - Looking for help with NAND-pin -

    Now i am thinking is there a new device tree that can be added?

    Can anyone help/provide me advice?

    Due to my layout fixed ethernet is not possible and am afraid to go back to android and brick it. many thanks

    Thanks for sharing your custom Beelink M18 'remote.conf'. As a matter of fact, I use a Logitech Harmony remote with the M18 (to control TV, AVR and M18) but only a few buttons could be mapped and no media control (e.g. play, pause, stop) is possible. By remapping the colored button on the M18 remote to media control function, I could map them on my Harmony remote as well.

    here you go (attached or: MEGA)
    of course rename to remote.conf.
    read the file as there are comments within to explain the mappings.

    i think the method described/linked in my previous post using dmesg and debug will help you get the harmony sorted. its nice to have codecinfo and play/pause. thx for kszaq and others for the info.

    Could someone please upload a working remote.conf for a Beelink M18.

    Hi doggy

    I have the same box, pretty happy with it but had the same issue. Have a look at this post i made. LibreELEC

    I can attach my remote.conf if you wish when i get home tonight. I made all the buttons standard but put codecinfo mapped to the red button and stop to the green and play/pause to the blue. all of which works great for me and how i wish to use it.
    EDIT: file linked here LibreELEC

    once you use debug and dmesg you can make it suit whatever you wish and have coded all my boxes to be the same using this method.

    also you can make the remote.config live by typing /usr/lib/libreelec/remote-config using putty or the like so you dont have to reboot.

    Hey guys,
    How do you obtain the remote.conf file when I can't seem to get to /system/etc?
    Do I need to boot to android, copy it off, then boot to LE and then copy it to \config?

    yes. Use X-plore or ES-FileExplorer, i just copied it to a USB. I had issues with the file once i got it, it wouldn't take for some reason. I found one for my box from google searching and then did some remapping. check my post history for some more detailed guides.

    Dropbox - mxq pro.jpg

    anyone know how to get the remote working correctly with this version?
    got the wireless kb working but not the remote
    thank you in advance

    mxqpro 1gig 8 gig storage

    Hi slikmik,

    I have just gone through the same process as you for my M18.

    grab the remote.conf from this post as it says its for your box: Ott mxq pro 4k s905 p201 remote.conf - (found from google searching MXQ Pro remote.conf)

    copy it to your device to this location: /system/.config ( after copying the file to the backup folder on the box using windows, i logged in using putty and used the cp command to move it to the .config folder)
    using putty or something similar login in and run this: /usr/lib/libreelec/remote-config or reboot the system.

    if you fresh start another LE version just put the remote.conf in the root of the sd card before flashing and it should transfer across.

    read these links if all your buttons arent working:

    hi virtex,

    I spent an hour last night remapping my remote as i had a similar experience to you LibreELEC.

    troggy's explanation is good, but thought i would add what worked for me.

    I couldnt find an official linux keymap explanation, but used another remote.conf to get the codes.

    Quick Summary:
    1. I found my factory code and googled that, that gave me a start remote.conf but you already seem to be there.
    2. I modified my remote.conf to set the debug_enable = 1, either edit in-situ with vi or copy to the /storage/.config directory.
    3. Make that live by typing /usr/lib/libreelec/remote-config

    i used this as a reference - IR CODE | KEY ID | COMMENT

    0x00 116#power
    0x0c 113#mute
    0x01 66#media
    0x05 67#tv
    0x09 68#web
    0x0d 69#app
    0x02 114#vol-
    0x06 122#prv
    0x0a 123#next
    0x0e 115#vol+
    0x03 102#home
    0x0f 1#return
    0x07 103#up
    0x10 105#left
    0x11 97#ok
    0x12 106#right
    0x15 119#play_pause
    0x16 128#stop
    0x44 108#down
    0x40 139#menu
    # 0x4c 53#mouse
    0x41 2#1
    0x45 3#2
    0x4d 4#3
    0x42 5#4
    0x46 6#5
    0x4e 7#6
    0x43 8#7
    0x47 9#8
    0x4f 10#9
    0x48 64#caplock
    0x49 11#0
    0x4a 14#del
    4. I then cycled through my remote buttons and using dmesg to see what the code was one at a time and then edited the remote.conf second column to match what i wanted matching the press ircode. If one didnt exist then i added it.
    eg: 0x26 was returned as the press ircode (or scan code) for pressing UP, i then edited/created a line that said 0x26 103 ;UP eg: remote_id from dmesg, key id from above, ;comment
    make sure you dont double up, but i think it takes the first or last, also add to your repeat key section at the bottom.
    5. You can then test by putting the file into .config and running /usr/lib/libreelec/remote-config

    worked a charm. this will give you a base setup. Then you can use the kodi keymap tool to just change buttons that give you windows and functions outside the list above eg: change audio, i dont think you would add all the functions.


    Hiya, does anyone have a working M18 with the std remote? EDIT: i found this: LibreELEC and will be trying that.

    Would you be able to post/PM me a remote.conf file for M18 (s905). My remote.conf file seems very abbreviated compared to the ones posted here and similar to one posted on another thread. However i do see that many of the remote.conf files have the same factory code:#amlogic NEC remote
    factory_code = 0x1dcc000I will check this against mine that i extracted from my firmware and see if i can use the ones above and then map the keys from there. I do know that many of the beelink boxes use this remote:

    One thing of concern is that using the kodi keymap editor is that none of the button presses are registering.

    Will try and update post experimentation.

    EDIT 2: works.
    I remapped some keys using the remote.conf from this post: LibreELEC and then used the one kszaq supplied as a reference and dmesg +debug flag in the file to make my custom mapping. all works. interestingly the factory codes and ircodes were completely different between the working one and the one i got from my android. no wonder it never worked. correct factory_code = 0x7f800001 for M18.

    Thank You!

    Hi all,
    M18 S905: just confirming 10 occasionally hangs, seems better without peripherals (mouse, usb). 8 working awesome. Its a new box so have the M18-108L firmware that came with the box.

    Has anyone got the remote working on an M18? For the life of me i cant get it to be copied on install, manually copy it from Android to LE as instructed but still no dice. Even the Kodi keymapper doesn't register there's a device there. tried several device trees.
    EDIT: solved it - LibreELEC

    thx again kszaq, your work is always appreciated.