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    Ok I will write short :)

    I have MXQ PRO.

    When booted from internal memory: remote = OK

    booted from SD with LibreELEC: remote = NOT working (Nor in Kodi nor shunting down using keyboard - not able to power on.

    But when I "reboot from internal" and go to Android - remote is working boath on OS and to power off/on)

    I uses miro SD card in 2 of 3, and all power on and off using remote.


    Im just saying what I wrote.

    Power on and shutdown works from the supplied remote controller. If you want the remote controller to work in Kodi you must use a remote.config file.

    I have made one for this box because no by else had at the time I bought the first box.

    What add on do you use for live tv?

    I use enigma2 and tvheadend, and I had fast channel switching on all built I used ( nearly all released builds ).

    Not a problem. One thing i must ask, If the correct remote.conf file is replaced to the root of the SD Card whilst using SD Card LE,

    I use : \\yourbox\Configfiles\ - for some reason \\yourbox\Configfiles\rc_keymaps\ - folder dont work even through the readme in that folder says to use that folder.

    remote.conf in \\yourbox\Configfiles\ - always works for me

    Just bought another S905x box and it works great.

    thl box 1 - (S905x 1GB/8GB)

    Wifi 2.4Ghz works - and is good enough to stream live TV

    Ethernet works

    USB works

    Simple remote that feels nice and works great (had to make my own remote.conf - attached here - rename it to "remote.conf")

    Used the fake zip update metode from Android to first time boot to microSD and libreelec - nice and simple.


    I have a V88 pro too, and I just made a ekstra file called (just an empty file) on my SD card. I booted in to Android, and I told Android to start updating using that
    Box rebooted and loaded Libreelec.
    All done by remote control :)

    Mine is reading and parsing the advancedsettings.xml because my central SQL library is connecting, reading, and updating, and all that info is stored in the advancedsettings.xml.

    Just because your central SQL library is updating, that doesn't mean that libreelec is using advanced settings.xml correct.

    Could you changes places, so the one connected to avr goes to TV, and the one connected to TV goes to avr?

    Audio sync problem S905x.

    When using DVBlink TV client with AC3 or mp2 audio there is no audio sync problem

    Playing video h264 and AC3 there is a small audio sync problem about 80-100ms.

    Playing video h264 and DTS there is a bigger audio sync problem about 200ms.

    Playing video h264 and Master DTS HD I see no audio sync problem.

    Playing video h264 and AAC there is no audio sync problem, but this is not playing as pass though as the others are.

    Is anyone with booting issues able to grab me a log over serial console?

    First off, thank you for your time and support for S905X.
    If another S905X box will help you fine tune even better support, then I will donate one of this to you:
    Let me know if that is something you can use.