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    I have now bought the Nvidia Shield. And as stated before I can confirm that DTS is working fine with my setup on the Nvidia Shield.

    But I now have another problem...

    When I start Netflix from my LG Smart TV app, I get Dolby Digital sound passthrough to my receiver.

    However... When I open Netflix on Nvidia Shield and play the exact same video, I don't get Dolby Digital 5.1 ...

    Anyone knows why?

    Heavy questions, and I actually don't know.=O

    Generally, the TV shouldn't care about what kind of audio data are passed through to the receiver. So, my guess to Q1 is: No.

    I belief Q2 is about two processing steps. Step one is decoding A/V material. Your Wetek Core does this step fine, and leads the DTS audio to SPDIF. Step two is merging A/V to create an HDMI stream. I think DTS has more data to merge, compared to Dolby Digital. So, Wetek Core maybe fails here due to less processing speed.


    I called LG support and asked then. They told me that the TV should be able to passthrough both, but they are not 100% sure.

    I'm waiting a call from them tomorrow when they have looked it up.

    If the Kodi settings are the same, then I guess it's a hardware issue. Maybe DTS needs to merge more data into the HDMI stream (it works un-synced on the Shield only), and only a strong SOC like the Shield's Tegra X1 can handle it.

    Q1: Is it possible that my TV can only passthrough Dolby Digital?

    Q2: If the Wetek Core can passthrough DTS while directly connected to receiver, wouldn't it be able to do that when connected to TV instead? Because it can do that for Dolby Digital.

    If you still have an optical SPDIF cable at your Wetek Core, plug it off to avoid double transmission (maybe deactivate it on the settings, too). According to the YT video (see above), DTS seems to be a tricky standard. Maybe the Wetek Core can't play it, but the Shield can.

    I did disconnect the spdif from Wetek box. I have never had any problems with dts passthrough when Wetek was directly connected to the receiver through spdif.

    What "YT video"?

    Your TV has an optical SPDIF cable to your receiver, right? That's my setup, too.

    The DTS signal comes (however) to the Shield, will be passed to HDMI (DTS passthrough), HDMI goes to TV, and at last goes optical to the receiver. No need for an adapter.

    I have now been trying/troubleshooting for 2-3hours, and I can't get the TV to passthrough DTS.

    It seems to work fine with Dolby Digital passthrough, but not DTS.

    Your TV has an optical SPDIF cable to your receiver, right? That's my setup, too.

    The DTS signal comes (however) to the Shield, will be passed to HDMI (DTS passthrough), HDMI goes to TV, and at last goes optical to the receiver. No need for an adapter.

    Yes, usually that should work. But I havent got it to work on my LG TV with my Wetek Core.

    I have an LG EG9100 OLED TV

    ... or am I doing something wrong?

    Why do you want LibreELEC so much? That's just a frontend for Kodi. The Nvidia Shield TV has the best software support, no need to try S912 boxes with unknown or bad support.

    What's your use case scenario? Netflix, Amazon Video, stored files...?

    The reason why I want LibreElec is becuase of Kodi and the ability to passthrough dts audio. A while ago I had difficulties finding a device that was able to do that smoothly, until I got the Wetec Core and LibreElec.

    My use case scenario is mostly stored files (1080p high quality) and PLEX (locally).

    I use my LG Smart TV for Netflix and Chromecast for YouTube.

    I have no problem combining all these use case scenario in one powerful box.

    The thing that attracts me the most to S9 devices is because they have a spdif optical output (for dts passthrough). My receiver doesn't support HDMI.

    If the Nvidia Shield can meet all the demands above, I will buy one right now!

    Kodi itself runs fine on a Nvidia Shield.

    A RPI3B+ should do most if not all h.264 1080p videos. H.265/HEVC is another story, then there are limits.

    If you know the bit rates are "high", how high are they? Give examples with exact data/numbers.

    h264 1080p

    Bitrate: 10 000 Kbps+

    How well does the Nvidia Shield perform if using it as a PLEX client on Android and PLEX client in Kodi?

    I have tried some Android boxes and tried PLEX client on top of Android, and the server needs to transcode, even on a S905 device.

    My Wetek Core running PLEX client on Kodi (LibreElec) is Direct Playing.

    So, it seems like LibreElec (Kodi) is awesome and way better than running Kodi or PLEX client on top of Android!

    How heavy are your videos? 10 kgs.. 25 kgs..? ;)

    The RPi can play videos upto 1080p, some Wetek devices go up to 4K,10 bit, etcetera...

    So what is 'heavy' by your standards?

    Haha, good one! =)

    With "heavy" I mostly mean 1080p (at a high bitrate). I dont play any 4K videos, yet....

    My question in general is how well does the RPI perform? Is it smooth, or is ut just a cheap device for watching movies but sometimes lags.