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    Thank you very much. I just finished installing it and there were no issues anymore.

    <edit>Only thing I haven't been able to find yet is how to create a menu item for emulationstation in other skins. I was previously using a kodi command set with: XBMC.System.Exec(/usr/bin/

    When I attempt this now nothing happens when I click the menu item. It launches fine when I use Estuary.

    I mount my NFS share before Kodi starts so that it can read symlinks from the folder. You can mount drives with /storage/.config/

    Mine for example shows:


    mount -t nfs /storage/xbmc -o nolock;

    I’m testing with some older HW at the moment, an X58 based system, though with a GTX 1650.

    I’ve seen older posts relating to this issue, but simply, I’m getting a file system corruption message immediately after launching the installer.

    I'm also running some older hardware and hitting the same issue:

    Intel Celeron 1007U 1.50 GHz

    Intel NM70

    The generic libreelec installs fine but the retroelec img gives a file corruption error immediately after the installer launches. I'm assuming this is similar to the issue I had back in 2016: RetroELEC Kodi+Wayland+Emulationstation+RetroArch.

    Is it still possible to get a generic build that runs on older cpu's. I'm currently running on one of your older 2017 builds but I'd like to update my setup to use kodi 18 vs 17.

    Strange. I downgraded back to the Dec 08 build and it has no issues. After upgrading back to the Dec 19th build any new repository I add has that issue.

    Is anyone else having issues connecting to respositories? This was working for me on previous builds but now I'm getting ccurl SSL erros. An example is the kodi game repsository that is included by default in the build

    DEBUG: CAddonDatabase: no valid repository matching ''
    DEBUG: CRepositoryUpdateJob[] checking for updates.
    DEBUG: CFileCache::Open - opening <kodi-game/> using cache
    DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x7f5f881b2820) addons.xml.md5
    ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: SSL connect error(35)
    ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for addons.xml.md5
    ERROR: Open - failed to open source <addons.xml.md5>
    ERROR: CRepository: failed read ''

    I'm not sure why it's failing here. If I SSH into the box curl completes successfully:

    Basement:~ # curl
    64110aafc51765a0840788746a835dfb addons.xml

    20161218 (Atom):

    - Kodi 17 beta 7
    - Vice C64 3.0
    - Updated Mesa has improved Radeon Vulkan driver 
    - beetle-psx-libretro Vulkan support
    - VAAPI (Intel) 10-bit HEVC support

    Atom build (Intel only) uploaded, Generic build is compiling.

    EDIT: Generic build 20161219 is up. Changes from the above Atom build is an updated RetroArch with >2 player netplay and updated SDL2.

    Thank you. I got that installed now and am up and running again.

    Indeed, I missed that. Let me know what you find regards to controller ordering.

    Found an issue with 20161128, Kodi got unfrozen after exiting a game in Emulationstation. A revised build is being compiled and uploaded soon.

    I found more information and this is a longstanding issue: Bug #390959 “045e:00b0 Microsoft keyboard and 045e:0745 nano tra...” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

    There is a workaround listed here. You may want to include this file in your future builds since looking at the list there are many devices that jack up the controller detection: GitHub - denilsonsa/udev-joystick-blacklist: Fix for keyboard/mouse/tablet being detected as joystick in Linux

    I was able to fix this issue for myself by running the following command: curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules \ 51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules

    This is also apparently fixed in kernel 4.9 for Microsoft devices: kernel/git/jikos/hid.git - HID tree

    I was amused by the comment in the fix :)

    Some lazy vendors declare 255 usages for System Control, leading to the creation of ABS_X|Y axis and too many others. It wouldn't be a problem if joydev doesn't consider the device as a joystick then.

    Looks like you have 3 pads detected: event7, event12 and event13. I'm guessing one of your DS3's is an asian "fake" model which for some reason identifies as two devices. You might be able to reconfigure so that the real joystick devices are on 1-2 in RetroArch and other emus, but you're on your own there :)

    They are definitely both genuine PS3 controllers. One came with the system and the other in a game bundle. What didn't make sense to me was Event7. That is the usb bluetooth dongle that I plugged in to get bluetooth support on the PC and connect the controllers through. I wasn't expecting it to be detected as a gamepad. It shows up in udev as JS0 which is why I assume it is taking up controller 1's spot:

    Main:~ # udevadm info -q all -n /dev/input/js0
    P: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.3/usb5/5-2/5-2:1.2/0003:045E:0745.0003/input/i nput7/js0
    N: input/js0
    S: input/by-id/usb-Microsoft_Microsoft®_Nano_Transceiver_v2.0-if02-joystick
    S: input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.3-usb-0:2:1.2-joystick
    E: DEVLINKS=/dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:1d.3-usb-0:2:1.2-joystick /dev/input/ by-id/usb-Microsoft_Microsoft®_Nano_Transceiver_v2.0-if02-joystick

    I guess I'll keep looking into how to hardcode the input order: [all variants] How to assign specific joystick device path to specific joystick or controller?. I've also got a pi kicking around somewhere I'll dig it out and see if the same issue happens there.

    Hello. I've been testing out this build and everything is working great except for one problem. I'm currently unable to use 2 ps3 controllers via bluetooth. I can navigate with both controllers before launching an emulator but afterwards whichever controller I started the rom with is player 2 and i'm unable to control player 1 with the other controller. The keyboard input is being used.

    When the emulator starts I see the yellow text saying it configured one controller to port #1 and the other to port #2. It also detects my dongle as port #0 and unconfigured. In the retroarch log I see:

    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Plugged pad: Microsoft Microsoft® Nano Transceiver v2.0 (1118:1861) on port #0.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: 142 profiles found.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: no profiles found for Microsoft Microsoft® Nano Transceiver v2.0 (1118/1861).
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Pad #0 (/dev/input/event7) supports 0 force feedback effects.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Plugged pad: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (3315:12293) on port #1.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: 142 profiles found.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: selected configuration: /tmp/autoconfig/udev/Sony-PlayStation3-DualShock3-Controller-Bluetooth.cfg
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Pad #1 (/dev/input/event12) supports force feedback.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Pad #1 (/dev/input/event12) supports 16 force feedback effects.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Plugged pad: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (3315:12293) on port #2.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: 142 profiles found.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: selected configuration: /tmp/autoconfig/udev/Sony-PlayStation3-DualShock3-Controller-Bluetooth.cfg
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Pad #2 (/dev/input/event13) supports force feedback.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: [udev]: Pad #2 (/dev/input/event13) supports 16 force feedback effects.
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Found joypad driver: "udev".

    The non-working controller is the one on port #2. I was able to see it turn off when it ran out of battery:
    RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: Device disconnected from port #2 (Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller).