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    Yes same chip indeed. I was fairly certain the M8 (square) had an AP6330 but needed to see it for myself. Unclear why it is working on MXIII but not M8 if both have same chipset which is why I am curious what changes Demetris made between revisions.

    gujal. Thank you. There must be something different regarding the BT/WiFi chipset in your MXIII.
    Demetris. Unsure if this helps or changes anything but a quick teardown of M8 today, attached is photo of the actual chip. Bluetooth may be working with current build on some devices but I can tell you with certainty there was a change from 04/09/2017 build (Bluetooth working-WiFi not working) to 04/10/2017 build (Bluetooth not working properly-WiFi working) on M8.

    On MX-III 2GB with AP6330 Using S82 image, Bluetooth works fine on reboot or Total Power off and on

    gujal, Can you confirm when you say Bluetooth works fine on reboot or total power off, which Bluetooth device you paired which remain paired and functioning after rebooting? I will await hearing from another "M8" user however there is definitely something that changed between the last 2 builds which affected Bluetooth functionality on the M8.
    At least on the M8, 2 builds ago Bluetooth would pair a device and then lose that pair upon rebooting. 1 prior build ago Bluetooth was fixed however WiFi was lost. Now with the current build WiFi is back however Bluetooth has reverted back to losing pairing upon reboot.

    Demetris, Do you still prior (4-9-2017) build for M8 which you can allow me to reload and confirm?

    Waiting for confirmation

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    Thank you Demetris. I would guess most are just seeing Bluetooth devices listed or are able to pair a device and concluding all is fine when the pairing will not last after reboot. Would it be possible for you to send me a private msg with a link to download the prior M8 version which had working Bluetooth? Unfortunately when downloaded this one I must have overwritten the prior version.

    M8 (M8N) square S802 AP6330

    LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1-M8.tar 133MB Apr 10, 2017 | 09:55PM

    Bluetooth - Not working properly :(
    Wifi - Yes
    LAN - Yes

    Unfortunately in this build bluetooth reverted back to a paired Bluetooth remote not being saved or recognized upon reboot. As I posted previously, Bluetooth worked perfectly in the build just prior to this one (although wifi was non-functional). Can you have a look at what changed to fix Bluetooth? To other's reporting Bluetooth as working, have you actually tried pairing a remote and seeing if you are able to use it after reboot? Seeing a device in the Bluetooth list is not the same thing as it working.

    Thank you

    M8 (M8N) square box S802 AP6330 LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1-M8.tar 133MB Apr 09, 2017 | 03:12PM
    Below is error msg at bootup. I have included normal msg above and below if it helps locate.

    [ OK ] Started Setup Timezone data.
    [FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
    See 'systemctl status systemd-modules--load.service' for details.
    Starting Apply Kernel Variables...
    [ OK ] Started Apply Kernel Variables.

    Bravo Demetris! With new build on M8 (M8N), paired Bluetooth remote works following reboot. I normally don't watch closely but during bootup there is a long list of options displayed some with green "X" but one with a red "FAILED" with something about failed kernel module ... systemctl...? Is there a way to pause that screen so I can give you the full msg or where can I find it in a log?

    Hi Demetris - Latest S8x2 build on square M8 (M8N) making progress on Bluetooth but not stable. For example, Amazon Fire TV remote will pair and function however upon reboot it is no longer functioning. After reboot in the Bluetooth setup the remote is still listed as a device and will work again by choosing to "connect" although sometimes it results in Bluetooth IO error, Bluetooth page timeout error or Kodi crashes and then only way to re-enable device is to go thru several rounds of rebooting after disabling and re-enablling Bluetooth. Is there any way to keep a Bluetooth device paired after a reboot rather than have to re-pair after a reboot? With kszaq 905 builds, holding down a button on the paired Bluetooth remote after reboot seems to wakeup or re-connect the remote however the same does not work in your latest build. Thank you for continuing to support the S802.

    If you guys are interested i have released new images with updated wifi driver and bluetooth.
    If you are brave enough please test and report if issues are gone now.
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    Thank you Demetris. March 31 version of LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1-M8.tar installed on square M8 (M8N) however with Bluetooth enabled it still displays "No Bluetooth adapter found." Does this means it is missing the correct driver? Thank you for continuing to work on get Bluetooth support added.

    Minor request: When you introduce a minor fix, update or test build, perhaps you could add an "a" or ".1" so the newer file something like LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.1a-M8.tar? Having 2 files with the same name but different build dates can be confusing.