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    Great addons all in one place.

    Have one issue with transmission though. I am setting download directly to /storage/downloads of the default SD card on Pi3, but whenever the restart of kodi happens the download directly is getting the default location of transmission folder. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Maybe an overlook on my part, but anybody can point me in right direction?

    Another thing. Anyway to setup transmission to have different times for different days for download?

    I am looking for 2 different schedules for weekdays & weekends. Any thoughts?

    I agree with RickN, it would be nice to have a seperate thread for this repository. Along with things already said, it would be easier to report bugs and request for new features would be easier to track.

    Is there any way to connect/disconnect a vpn connection at a scheduled time? Currently I have VPN Manager from @Zomboided which works fine with openvpn and addon filtering. I need to start vpn connection to a private location before some downloading starts every night.

    I also saw that I can trigger a connect/disconnect using vpn manager api which might work in my case, but don't know about any add-on which can schedule to run the script. Any ideas?

    My Setup.
    I am runing libreelec 7 on rpi3.

    if zomboided is reading this, any plan to add such feature to your addon? I believe it is pretty easy for someone with linux skills, which I definitely not have.


    Thanks thoradia. Everything working fine. Setup transmission, sonarr & couchpotato.

    Just a quick question. Is this a special build or something or can we upgrade sonarr & couchpotato from web UI when ever new updates are available? i.e. from source.

    Thank you for the feedback.
    There is a problem with the automatic repository on LE7.
    Until I fix it, install the add-ons manually (go to the zip file and click on the download button).
    Otherwise, the add-on themselves run fine.

    Thanks for the response. Is there a way to just download one version rather than the whole repository. The file is too big and the download speed is really slow.

    Getting dependency error when trying to install Sonarr or Transmission. Any ideas how to solve it?

    Running v7.0.2 on Rpi3

    Thanks. Sorry, but by bluez do you mean debug log? If auto connect does not work, is there a way to create some shortcut to select the headset so that I don't have to drill down to settings to select it?


    Hi there,

    I have a bluetooth adapter on Rasp pi 2 with Nokia bluetooth headset working fine. Very happy that finally we have bluetooth audio on kodi 16.1. The issue is when I turn off bluetooth and switch back on, it does not auto connect. I have to drill down all the menu and select -> connect to make it work. I have tried using both Connect and Trust & Connect option without luck. Using Libreelec 7.0.1.

    Am I missing something here or it is by design and not suppose to auto connect. If later, what are others doing? Any suggestions on shortcuts?

    I have added 2 shortcut buttons to switch between bluetooth audio & hdmi in kodi remote ios app. How do I add this toggle in cec remote?


    He didn't say he didn't have an SD card in each pi, he is saying he doesn't want to buy an extra SD card for each pi for the purposes of backup.

    My bad. I read it wrong.

    But well still you can create an image file for each sd card and save it at a common location, which I feel is much easier to restore if anything goes bad rather then using backup/restore addon.