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    hi Kazaq,
    regarding this > i think it could be related to the sensor..
    the temp was always around 54 deg c.. so seemed fine.
    i left the temperature screen on the screen while lpaying hd tv in the background.
    when it had crashed in the imddle of the night i noticed that for the temp it now said "?"

    so i think it is related to temp sensor why it crashed..

    any ideas?


    i've been trying this on my TX3 (non pro).
    Works very well with my usb T230 dvb-c adapter

    but - for some "burn in" testing, i have been leaving it on a HD channel overnight, when i get up - sometimes it's still on, sometimes it's completely frozen with the TV/frozen image on the screen.
    remote does not work and it requires powering off and on at the mains.

    How can i debug this, and/or do you think it's overheating? - will the disable temp sensor one work for s905 (i see in some issue on github it may not work with s905 and only s905x) - and is it also safe to use it..

    i'm using tvheadend as the backend and frontend on the same box.


    dvb_usb_cxusb dvb_usb_dw2102 dvb_usb i guess (maybe without dvb_usb)


    it was si2168 and M88DS3103

    i noticed that when it came out of suspend and the popup in the right started popping up to say it was connecting to tvheadend, it crashed kodi (segfault).
    don't have the log.. but it kicks back in after a few seconds anyway.
    The is repeatable at least on my x86 box.
    Going to ignore that for now :)

    there you have to insert your modules of the dvb card that it unload them before suspend

    you can test it

    lsmod should output the current used modules
    look for your dvb device module, look which other modules use it
    then modprobe -r module1 module2 ...
    they have to unload without an error message, then try to load them again modprobe module1 module2 ...
    then it should work, then just write the modules into the addon window

    maybe google can find you the necessary modules

    Thanks :)

    just remotely connected now -

    these are my 2 modules i assume? (T230 + HDStar v3)

    dvb_usb                19322  2 dvb_usb_cxusb,dvb_usb_dw2102

    lsmod shows :

    i guess, like you said, i can test.
    i'll go into suspend and try unload.

    thanks a lot CvH - will send beer money at end of month when i get paid

    current versions LE 7.90.010 + TBS + T230C 0.2
    Generic x86_64

    with latest changes from GitHub - crazycat69/linux_media: TBS linux open source drivers

    i seem to have an issue with my dvb-s2 device waking back up if the power button is pressed. won't click on channels (get the spinning thing in middle)
    I don't have any logs atm as it's at my parents house.
    i need to do a full reboot to get it working again.

    any ideas?

    One more Jarvis build before my development focus switches entirely to Krypton. This one also focuses on media_build update. Those of you who don't use USB tuners don't need to update: Index of /s805/

    Commits from to Comparing · kszaq/ · GitHub
    Kernel commits from to Comparing fb5b898...f622be3 · kszaq/linux · GitHub


    • update media_build drivers to CrazyCat69, 2016-12-23 (thanks CvH)
    • improved Kodi buffering patch

    Edit: I identified a bug in chapter seeking, needs to be re-built. Images will be available back in a few hours.

    a bit cheeky, but in your next one will you be able to put crazycats latest drivers which supports the HDStar v3 OEM?

    Couple weeks ago I bought T230c and I have LibreELEC 7.0.2-dvbdrivers. Everything working fine (DVB-C) but is one problem - very often when switching between channels, I see image errors (artefacts). This is big problem because I can't set recordings - if recording begins with artefacts I see this rec in tvheadend > Digital Video Recorder > Failed recordings.

    Is possible to fix this? Is this drivers problem or tv network problem (dvb-c) ? SNR is about 70% & signal strength -49 dbm.

    you can Skip initial bytes:
    in your dvb adapter settings in tvheadend if that is the cause...

    i got this on my ubuntu normal server running tvheadend.. some channels always failed, not sure if it was related to this... but you could try it..
    i think you can put a very large number in there

    options dvb_usb_dw2102 transfer_mode=0
    options dvb_usb_cxusb transfer_mode=0

    so should work with both devices?
    i'm still getting the issue though with both devices (with 1 disabled at a time in case relatd).

    I tried the pi3 image and it actually works flawless (without dvb-options). Watching Live TV on the pi3 + watching a HD channel remotely (1 on dvb-c and 1 on dvb-s).
    do get 1 or 2 continuity errrors maybe every 2 minutes, but seems normal for usb dvb. nothing visible goes wrong on the screen.

    so it seems the x86 image is either different, or the hardware is having issues - it's an Acer Revo 3700
    I'll try with my gigabye brix aswell and see if it's the same issue.

    EDIT: works fine on the gigabyte brix.. so it's related to the acer, i wonder if it's something to do with USB

    EDIT2: seems fine now on the acer - i played about using different ports (i had to do this in the brix or it actually wouldn't boot up at all)

    echo "options cx231xx transfer_mode=0" > /storage/.config/modprobe.d/cx231xx.conf

    i guess

    i take it the name of the file is irrelevant?

    any tips to know if it's enabled?

    i've added this to /etc/modprobe.d/dvb_options.conf
    it's copied to the .config itself after a couple of reboots..

    options dvb_usb_dw2102 transfer_mode=0
    options dvb_usb_cxusb transfer_mode=0

    so should work with both devices?
    i'm still getting the issue though with both devices (with 1 disabled at a time in case relatd).